A set of exercises in the treatment of prostatitis and their features

The high prevalence of today got prostatitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the prostate.

To deal with this disease on early stages, in order to avoid possible complications, among which we should highlight BPH and low potency.

Not the last role in the treatment of prostatitis plays a physical activity. Comprehensive exercises in the treatment of prostatitis improves the contraction of the muscles in the pelvic region and facilitate quick

changes in intra-abdominal pressure.

The content of the article:

All this contributes to the natural massage of the prostate and as a consequence improves metabolism and blood circulation in the prostate gland.

General information

Physical exercise for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis help to increase the tone of the nervous system, improve the work of the adrenal glands, eliminating residual effects and inflammation in prostatitis. The complex of exercises should be selected so as to exclude all sorts of aggravation and not allowed to deteriorate the health of the patient .

Physical therapy should include all available types of exercises. Note that morning gymnastics, dosed walking, swimming and running, significantly accelerate the healing process. It is necessary to note that physical therapy is just part of a complex medical treatment.

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It must be remembered that acute and chronic prostatitis is strictly prohibited physical activity. Therefore, you should protect yourself from unnecessary stress and to do everything in moderation. And in the period of exacerbation of the disease should take painkillers, relaxation treatments, to lie dormant.

Conduct physiotherapy can also be in the form of five-minute morning exercises . which would include the rotation of the head, torso and extremity joints. Despite such lengthy procedures, the effect of this is very high.

And exercise is the first step towards the elimination of stagnant processes after immobility during sleep.

But if we talk about the set of exercises with prostatitis, it should include various exercises to develop the flexibility of the spine (extension, flexion, tilt, rotate, rotation of the torso, etc.), as well as exercises for the development of the hip muscles.

To do the exercises in different positions – standing, sitting, lying on your back or on your stomach . A necessary condition is the maximum amplitude of execution.

Now let us have a closer look at the exercises that you must perform when integrated physical therapy on the advice of experts.

Exercise # 1

Starting position before beginning this exercise: standing with feet together and hands at his belt.

Raise the right leg to the side and simultaneously tilting the torso to the left.

In this case the right half of the pelvis remains elevated, and the centre of gravity is transferred to the left half.

Simultaneously with the inclination to do breath.

You should then return to starting position.

When you return to the starting position you need to stretch the muscles of the anus and exhalation.

Then you should do the same thing, but in the opposite direction.

Exercise # 2

The simplest therapeutic exercise for prostatitis: is in the initial position, standing, hands behind back and feet together.

The bottom line is this: you should bend the leg at the knee, and take in the side, then straighten and lower . To do the same thing, but with the second leg.

Exercise # 3

Is this exercise standing with feet at shoulder width, hands on his belt. By sliding bred and reduce legs. You should follow the proper inhalation and exhalation, namely, when breeding should take a deep breath, and the slow exhale. Keeping feet, you should contract the muscles of the anus.

Exercise # 4

To perform the following physical exercise with prostatitis should be supine, with the legs bent at the knees, and his hands under his head. At a fast pace should breathe stomach 12 times. This is followed by 24 times to shimmy left and right, while breathing evenly and steadily. Repeat the exercise, it is recommended to until your lower back is fully warmed up.

Exercise # 5

Is performed from the supine position, the arms stretched along the body. Is a deep breath, then a long breath, at the same time you should push belly. Then slowly dialed a deep breath, mentally filling the stomach with air masses.

Exercise # 6

This exercise against prostatitis is performed from the supine position, with the legs closed together, and the arms are at your sides and bent at the elbows.

The bottom line is lifting the pelvis, based on the elbows and heels. Simultaneously with the process of lifting it is necessary to compress the muscles of the anus.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that all of these exercises in chronic prostatitis can be alternated daily . and according to experts, it gives physiotherapy a certain effect, and promotes a speedy recovery.

Do not forget that physical exercises are only a part of complex treatment and should not ignore the medical treatment, as is most often the cause of prostatitis is the infection, and to struggle with it it is possible only with the help of special antibiotics.

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