Adaptation to physical loads

Adaptation to physical loads is important because it is the basis of any physical exercise. If you plan to start doing sports, whether professional or not, you have to prepare your body for physical exercise to avoid health problems.

How is adaptation to physical loads

During physical exercise, the body begins to experience a tremendous load on the whole body and nervous system. First, the stimulus enters the

nervous system, which gives the body a signal that something horrible happens. Response to strength training is the release of adrenaline due to which quickens the heartbeat, increasing the frequency of breaths.

A similar reaction is observed in many cases, even when it comes to strength exercises. Thus the body is prepared for the fact that he will have to work in an unusual mode for it. After that, the nervous system detects a source of irritation, and then the body goes into a stage of steady state.

This stage is characterized by the fact that the adrenaline stops jumping, you experience the typical reaction to a stimulus. When it comes to physical exercise, the body adapts to the fact that it should work the muscles for energy. The body begins to run in a special mode to provide the body with energy.

The work of the body in this mode continues until the energy reserves could cover the whole energy demand. After that comes the phase of exhaustion, when the body is nowhere to take energy, because of what happen and shortness of breath, fatigued, which is impossible to handle. If the body does not start the mode of self-preservation, the person can lead to death.

It is characteristic for urgent adaptation that occurs every time a person engages in physical exercise. Such changes in the body can last from 6 to 48 hours. The more people involved in sports, the faster the body gets used to a new situation.

How to prepare for physical activity

Adaptation to physical exercise should be gradual, otherwise people will not only harm their health, but to hate the sport.

If you have decided for yourself that you have time to start exercise, then start with small. Daily exercise, then get ready for a run. So you won’t be bored, you can invite your friend to keep you company. After Jogging, when the body is ready for physical effects, can try to do the splits, if your stretching allows you to do this.

Jumping rope help to strengthen the feet is not worse than Jogging. Classes with a rolling pin is good because you can deal with them not only outdoors but also in the apartment. Over time, if finances allow, you can enroll in a gym where the instructor will be able to find you a special set of exercises that is suitable for your body. If you have no such possibility, you can use the Internet to look for special exercises. But remember, pretenious once, the next time you will experience great fatigue that will lead to the fact that you do not want to do more exercise or will be exhausted in a few days.

Do not forget about the main principles of training, which includes regularity, accessibility, consistency.

Regular workouts. The result of the rapid adaptation after a single workout is a long-term adaptive shift of 2 days. If you want to keep your body in shape, you should proceed to the next exercise as quickly as possible, within a few days, otherwise your body will experience each time a new stress.

Available adaptation mechanisms explain that newcomers can not immediately get down to serious sport, as their body to that have not yet been prepared. Physical abilities of a trained person is much lower than that of the one who is constantly engaged in the sport. If no trained person will try to repeat the same strength exercises, and professional athlete, he may have heart problems.

Gradual workouts cause the body learns to react calmly to stress, which occurs when each new exercise. If the person will use loads that are not relevant to his physical condition, he may lose all his early acquired physical skills. The body uncomfortable every time to adjust to a new lifestyle, and constant release of adrenaline can cause heart problems.

Physical activity is important because in humans, they develop the ability to handle stress, strengthen immunity, make to get rid of bad habits. So, the person starts to care about their health, and this leads to the birth of healthy offspring. The more people involved in sports, the less it is time to commit bad deeds. therefore, in order to live in a healthy and strong country, you need to exercise.

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