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I want to record some of their ideas about the key principles of weight loss. I was able to shed 12 pounds and get in good physical shape. and not to gain weight again in the course of the term, sufficient to be considered a permanent relief. So what I now write is tested by me in practice. Characteristically, these principles I have formulated for myself before the start of the process, not retroactively. I suspect that at some parts they may differ from the advice of nutritionists, because my

main focus is not on speed, but on the consistency of the result. So, from here.

Principle 1:

“Any technique to lose weight quickly is wrong in its essence.”

Now everywhere you can read the flyers: “a New technique! Reset 5+ pounds in a week!” Some of them probably even do what they promise. But the problem here is that in this case, to preserve their gains after the success almost impossible. The body – thing balanced, if sharply and quickly move it from the current balance, it naturally begins to seek to restore it. Moreover, the sharp super-extreme stress on the body (no matter whether a rigid diet or drugs) usually damages the health, especially overweight people is usually ill-prepared for such things.

In order to maintain a constant weight – the body needs to get used to a certain mode of operation. That is, there must be developed a certain normal load, power, etc, which does not lead to weight gain, and you PLAN to KEEP the REST of your LIFE. It is clear that over-dramatic weight loss (whatever it was called) does NOT train the body to eat right. You can’t keep torturing yourself over a diet, so at some point you have to stop.” However, your body does not know how to eat and of course he remembers the mode it was before the torture.

The body is a tricky thing. It remembers that he had “hard times” and remembers that it spent a lot of effort to survive them. With his (body) point of view, “hard times” may be repeated. And it exhausted and not ready. The most reasonable from his point of view is to quickly recruit a new store of fat in case same thing happens again.

So the body knew what to do when the fat is burned, it must advance on this train. The moral of the story – in the process of weight loss, you must maintain the maximum is close to what you plan to support in achieving the target. Of course it should be somewhat more intense, otherwise the weight loss will not do, but it is impossible to do sharp. The body needs to adapt slowly. I think a couple of pounds a month – optimal mode, although it is possible for each individual. Choose pick a suitable pace. Each captured abroad must be mastered, the body has to get used to it. He should not be feeling that something is very wrong. Then you don’t need any efforts to maintain weight, when the form is achieved. By this point for you it will be normal mode. even a little easier. Yes – it will be not so fast. But forever.

Principle 2:

“When losing weight do not use any special preparations.”

People love to parasitize on your desire to look and feel good. And know that you are impatient and are willing to pay money for something, to achieve a desired quickly and effortlessly. Yes, there are drugs there are quite effective, but again the problem is that once you start to use them, you are not able to maintain the weight without them. The body gets used to them. And to support the norm, you have to buy them again and again. And the people who sell these funds, only that it should be. Not only that, you fed them unnecessarily, you still get from them, I’m not talking about the side effects that have many of these wonderful tools. Why you need it, when without it you can do?

Principle 3:

“You should not greatly limit the range of products that you eat.”

Of course, not all food is equally good for the body. And some things should be excluded from the diet on a regular basis – in particular, those that provide too much stress on the liver. Too fat things, for example. But this is not a diet! This is just an exception from the diet, which in principle is poorly absorbed by the body and, so to speak, “not food”. Otherwise, do not be afraid of diversity. The body should be able to digest all types of foods. Vegetarians usually say that they feel good from the fruit and from the meat they are bad. They are not lying, they really from bad meat. because they have forgotten how to eat it. The body does not assimilate. If long time not to eat the fruit, they too will begin diarrhea. No meat, nothing bad. A nutritious diet should be fruits, and meat, and flour. in a lot of different body systems and each requires its own “fuel”. With weight loss feature in the ratio taken and calories burned, and not in reducing diversity.

Principle 4:

“Without regular physical exercise, weight loss does not make sense.”

To lose weight without exercise possible. But as a result you get home half-ill, emaciated and weakened body. And attractive it definitely will not. And since the sense of losing weight just to improve your appearance and health, physical education (or its equivalent of activenote – fitness, dance, yoga, martial arts, etc) is a necessary additional component of the process. And besides, unlike starvation, very nice component. It should be understood that the loads, like everything else the body gets used and when abrupt termination will likewise start to gain weight. Therefore, here too it is necessary to know the measure and to comply with the regime that plan to maintain at all times, including after the loss. But unlike the previously-mentioned drugs that’s fine. Movement is health. Passive body cannot be healthy by definition. Movement and moderate load should get in the habit of daily morning washing and stay with you for life.

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