Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainer for weight loss . what it is and how to choose?

An elliptical trainer is one of the most popular types of sports equipment for weight loss . combines the advantages of the treadmill, stationary bike and stepper, but surpasses them in terms of performance due to the load not only lower, but also upper body. Classes on ellipsoid simulate skiing.

The advantages of elliptical trainers :

– Effective fat burning. Regular classes actively burn calories and help to fight obesity by reducing fat deposits and firming the muscles.

– Promotion of health. Cardio workout, which provide such training equipment, strengthens cardiovascular system, improves metabolism. It does not overload the spine and joints as, for example, when running.

– Compact size. Elliptical trainer it is possible to afford to have a home in the most ordinary flat.

– Versatility. When on the ellipsoid are utilized almost all groups of muscles, there is no need to buy additional equipment.

Elliptical trainers come in several forms:

– Mechanical. They are the most affordable and simple in design. However, they have disadvantages such as high level and low noise smooth operation, what to do on such a simulator is not very comfortable.

– Magnetic. Average for the price, they are significantly higher than for mechanical smoothness and noise.

– Electromagnetic. The most expensive but also the most functional and comfortable. Such simulators are almost completely noiseless, durable, and rich feature set will allow you to do exercise for weight loss most effective.

How to choose an elliptical ?

When choosing elliptical trainer in the first place should pay attention to the total weight and the weight of the flywheel is directly depends on the smoothness of motion. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother moving the pedal simulator, and the more comfortable the workout. The average weight of the ellipsoid is about 80 kg (if the platform length 1.5 m).

Also, when choosing a trainer, you should consider the height and weight of the person who will do it.

The growth will depend stride length, the taller the man, the greater should be the step. So, if your height is 165 cm, you ideal stride length 300-310 mm, for height 165-175 cm should pay attention to the trainers with the step length from 310 to 350 mm height from 175 to 185 cm suitable step length 350-400 mm, and for high athletes above 185 cm need a trainer with a stride length of at least 400 mm.

The maximum weight the athlete is specified by the manufacturer of the simulator. If your weight exceeds the specified value, in this case, no one can guarantee that the frame will not break during the workout.

The majority of today’s elliptical trainers are equipped with training computers that show the number of calories burned, the speed of the athlete, the training duration, distance. Make sure you choose a trainer with cardiopatico, as properly selected heart rate directly depends on the effectiveness and safety training. Some ellipsoids have several built-in training programs designed for different fitness levels. The more programs and sensors in the simulator, the more expensive it will be, and the easier it will be to choose an optimal program for losing weight, improving endurance, workout heart or increase muscle tone.

What would an elliptical trainer you choose, the classes on it in any case will be much more effective and more comfortable than most other cardio machines.

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