In our rapid century, where everything evolves just with great speed, a man falls upon a large amount of diverse information. I want so much to do, to learn, to study, to do that sometimes our body refuses to follow those desires. He just gets tired. Each endurance different, some can work in 24 knocks, someone gets tired after a few hours of work, or worse, gets up after sleeping already tired. Chronic fatigue syndrome has become one of progressive diseases of modern man. But, despite the fact that the endurance of the human body is not limitless, it can be improved . And help make it a properly organized business day, healthy lifestyle,

balanced diet, proper rest and exercise. Thanks to the endurance of the body to resist fatigue. People with increased endurance of the body, much easier to cope with stress and slammed.

As a lifestyle can increase endurance

The lifestyle of a man who decided to improve endurance, should include a healthy diet, proper rest, exercise, complete elimination of bad habits and the continued strengthening of the immune system. A strong immune system along with a strong respiratory and cardiovascular system are the main components to increase the stamina of the body. Scroll to sleep at least 8 – 10 hours. The amount of time depends on the individual needs of the body, how quickly the body can recuperate during sleep. You should refrain also from drinking alcoholic beverages and Smoking. Alcohol and cigarettes adversely affect the condition of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, reduces the amount of oxygen, which ensures the normal functioning of the body organs.

Sport for endurance of the body

Sports help to increase endurance. Regular exercise improves not only overall health but also strengthen the immune system. It is regular physical exercise accustom the organism to stress, developing endurance. In order not to get tired too quickly, the person must have strong respiratory and cardiovascular system. To strengthen the heart and blood vessels in the first place will help running, Biking or walking trails. Running will not only relieve the stress accumulated during the day, but also fills the body with energy for evening classes. But you should remember that you need to do regularly, increasing the pace gradually. This will help prevent fatigue and nervous breakdown. If you start Jogging too rapidly, instead of endurance, you will earn severe fatigue. Can first enroll in a Pilates or yoga. They will help to restore the shape, especially if you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle, and the only sports exercise is to work on the computer keyboard and a trip to the store. Once you feel that you are ready to make a run, select the place, time and pace, pick up clothes and shoes.

Strengthening the respiratory system will help a regular swimming lessons. Swimming will be much easier to change and adjust your lifestyle. One lesson you take off all the tiredness and negative emotions, refresh, cheer, will improve the overall tone and strengthen the body, increase lung capacity, which are responsible for supplying oxygen to the brain. If you will quickly feel fatigue while exercising, pay attention to the breath. Whatever get tired quickly, learn any breathing practice, it will help to cope with the load. From physical exercise is very important to have fun, and then the mood will be better and the effect will be more noticeable. So no need to have through the power of sport, better than 30 minutes a day, than to leave the next day. Playing sports, even an hour a day, you will increase the threshold of fatigability, automatically increasing endurance. Remember, exercise for 2 hours before eating, and 3 hours after.

7 top tips on how to increase endurance

1. Practice constantly. Don’t head out, changing the load. Make first a short, then medium run. Try to change the rhythm or speed of running.

2. Try to arrange the training so that each exercise was repeated after a certain period of time. Determine the rate, rhythm, time and distance when walking, Jogging or swimming.

3. Chose running an average pace without rest for 30 minutes, sprinting for hours or a quick run for 15 min.

4. When you get used to the load, increase the intensity and time of classes. Constant alternation of moderate and fast pace swimming or Jogging will help to develop endurance.

5. Do not forget about proper nutrition. Your diet should include foods rich in vitamins, micro and macronutrients, proteins.

6. Don’t forget about fish, vegetables, fruits, fresh juices and spices.

7. Eat 4 times a day. For Breakfast and lunch, choose foods that contain more proteins and carbohydrates. They help to quickly replenish the energy loss and the strength to continue the day.

The impact of recreation on the improved stamina

Fatigue may be not only physical, but also mental, so the next step endurance should be proper rest. Don’t forget, a person needs to relax every day. So, as you would not want to do something, put all and dedicate one day a week for yourself. Forget about everything, take a quick jog in the morning or jump rope, watch a movie, which I have long wanted to see, read a book, listen to music, go for a walk in the Park, Museum or cinema. Meet up with a friend, go to a cafe or club, in the end, sleep. Nothing restores strength, healthy sleep. It allows a person to recover the energy spent during the day. Relax, try to feel relaxed, and you will be surprised how refreshed you Wake up the next morning, how many new forces will appear to make a variety of cases. But do not forget about that in the evening after work, too, need to relax a bit, even just sit in silence for 20 min. This will reset the nervous tension during the day. If you want to meditate, developing psychological resilience to the environment. Every day feels a huge amount of stress, and a strong mind can be the barrier that will protect against them. Becoming more calm and unperturbed, immune to the negativity aimed in your direction, thereby get rid of mental fatigue, which directly affects the endurance of each person.

If you feel lately fatigue very quickly feel a lack of energy or just want to do more, you need to increase endurance. First we need to improve health, especially the immune system, increase overall vitality. Start with vitamin and mineral supplements, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Observing all recommendations that help to increase endurance, you will get rid of feelings of fatigue and forget what a nervous and physical exhaustion, and chronic fatigue syndrome will pass you. Exercise, proper rest, healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, are key factors that will help to increase endurance.

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