How to choose an elliptical trainer for home

For a long time already for anybody not a secret formula, a slim and toned figure: physical activity + healthy eating. However, not everyone can find the additional funds and time to visit the gym, besides there are people who are ashamed to do in public. The solution in this situation – the purchase of equipment for home.

There are a large number of home fitness equipment, one of the most

popular is the elliptical trainer.

It combines simultaneously two types of cardio: treadmill and stepper, whereby during practice at the sports projectile utilizes all the major muscle groups, strengthens the respiratory, cardiovascular system, increases endurance.

Today on the market of sports equipment presents three types of ellipsoids:

1) mechanical . Do not require any additional power source, less popular and lower in cost. Main disadvantages: the noise, the lack of smoothness and the ability to adjust the load.

2) magnetic . Refer to the middle price category. The braking system have a magnetic trainer is based on the natural action of the magnet. You can set the level of resistance via manual control.

3) electromagnetic . The most expensive model, has a number of advantages: durability, quietness, smoothness, versatility, programmability training. Drawback: dependence on the mains.

The choice of elliptical trainer

Important parameters that should guide the choice of the ellipsoid for the house are:

1) the strength of the frame. Margin of safety should be based on the weight of the heaviest member of the family, adding 15 pounds. That is, if the maximum weight is 90 kg, the strength of the simulator shall be not less than 105 kg.

2) the design type. Ellipsoids can have both collapsible and stationary design. The choice depends on the space simulator. Stronger — stationary ellipsoids, but they take up much space. From the point of view of economy of space it is better to pay attention to the takedown model.

3) the size and weight of the flywheel. Depending on the location of the flywheel simulators are divided into front-wheel and rear-wheel drive. Front wheel drive models are considered more effective, they are best suited for occupations for people with high growth or overweight. The larger and heavier the flywheel the better. The optimum weight of the flywheel, for people of average weight category, in the order of 8 kg. For people with more weight — not less than 15kg.

4) step length. Elliptical exercise machines average price stride length is up to 40 cm, more expensive models 50 and above.

Stride length depends on the height of the user. People with a height up to 165 cm will feel comfortable on the trainer with a stride length of 30 to 33 cm, with the height of 165-170 cm, you should choose an ellipsoid with the length of the step 33 to 35 cm, and the parameter 35-40 suitable for people with height 175-185cm.

If user growth exceeds 185 cm, then the length of the step should be at least 50 cm

To ensure a proper fit for each family member, you should choose a trainer with a regulatory function for the specified parameter.

There are still many parameters that need to look for when buying a simulator, such as: software, the angle of the pedals, however, the most important is the convenience of the sports projectile.

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