How to do yoga at home

If you decide to comprehend a world of harmony of mind and body through yoga. we recommend that you start what is called a common developmental yoga at home. Everyone who decided to start this fascinating journey, the question is – how to do yoga at home. There are a few nuances that should be considered for those who want to practice yoga at home.

First, time. Many to question whether it is possible to do yoga at home will answer in the negative, only due to the fact that people are extremely difficult to find a way to break away from household chores and devote 20

minutes to myself. It really is not easy, so we recommend you to do yoga in the morning. In the morning, your head is still loaded with thoughts, problems, events. In the morning you can get up a little earlier and grab these two ten minutes of the universe. Besides morning yoga will improve your spirit all day.

Second on the list, how to start yoga at home, it is, of course, the choice of the complex. Do not take a complex, specialized areas, don’t be afraid of the term Hatha. Astana, Vinyasa yoga, etc., Take easy yoga for beginners to develop coordination and mobility of the body.

Well, of course, in order to understand how to do yoga at home, you need to at least try!


Feet shoulder width apart, raise your heels up, lower, bending knees. Stand on toes, body tilting forward as possible. Remove lumbar deflection and breathe stomach. Raise hands to the sides up, down as low as possible. Inhale stretch and bringing the arms through the sides.

Sit on the floor, legs slightly bent, the socks pull on himself, his hands rested on the floor. Bend in the blades on the exhale and round your back to breath.

Straighten your knees and continue to work back – bend and rounded.

Hands to the sides up, slowly fall forward on his feet. Let hands on the floor, if it turns out, fold them and drop to the floor and elbows. Head drawn to the toes. Slowly rise.

Grab the hands of the right leg, thigh pulls closer to her, allot a knee to the side, drop the hip on the floor and the foot is placed closer to the perineum. Straight leg fingers on himself, pushing from the hips forward and down. Chest fall on the leg. Stretch the hands forward, relax the neck, lowered down his head. On the inhale, rise, turn to bent leg and unfold so that the knee looked forward and the back leg was on the socks. Disclose the chest, hands rested on the floor. Exhale slowly go down. Head on the floor, arms extended. Lifted and rotated.

Bent leg set foot on the Mat, other leg stretched out. Pulled the same hand forward, clasps his leg. Palms on the floor, raise the pelvis and the front leg. Keep on hand.

Pulling a leg forward and slowly lean forward. And we do that with Ctrl.5 on the left leg.

Bendable legs, arms Silken retreats back into the castle, reached back, opened the chest and went down.

Palms under the shoulder lifts and separates the pelvis from the floor. Fix, then drop hips forward, knees bent, SAG on toes.

Down to relax.

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