How to lose weight by exercising on the elliptical trainer at home

In order to lose weight, exercising on the elliptical trainer . need to follow a few basic principles.

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The first principle: get ready to work!

Some women can hear that to lose weight during the gym equipment does not

work. They argue that training lead, rather, to a set of muscle mass that does not allow you to become slimmer.

However, this statement is not quite true. No need to wait for the result in the first two weeks, because in practice you can have a little more to add, but this is usually caused by incorrect diet or edema.

However, after 20 days the pounds will just melt away – but this is assuming that you will be systematically addressed.

The second principle: look in the mirror, not the scales

To lose weight quickly, exercising on the elliptical trainer, will not work. This should be done. And the arrow of scales is better not to look in the first months of classes, because the numbers can not be changed in the lower side.

At the initial stage the main thing for you to develop your lesson. And look in the mirror, pay attention to how you look in old clothes. Judge on the figure.

As a rule, only the third month of hard training indicators on scales much change!

The third principle: listen to your body

In order to lose weight, exercising on the elliptical trainer, it is necessary not only to follow all the programs, but also take into account the peculiarities of the organism. It is a trivial truth, but it is extremely important if you want to maintain your health.

Everyone who bought an elliptical trainer, you’ve probably heard this advice: take 30 minutes before Breakfast in the morning. This recommendation is not suitable for all.

For example, you cannot work those who:

is hypotonic,

follow a diet-“hunger strikes”,

prone to fainting spells and fluctuations in blood pressure,

has problems with the functioning of the heart muscle,

suffers from high acidity of gastric juice,

just started training (i.e. engaged less than three months).

If any one of these you have no contraindications, you normally feel during a morning practice on an empty stomach, you will be able to burn a lot of fat rapidly and to lose weight, exercising on the elliptical trainer home!

The fourth principle: to properly lose weight, exercising on the elliptical trainer, indulge in food

This principle is particularly relevant for those who have contraindications to practice on an empty stomach do you need two hours after eating.

The diet must include proteins and to eliminate carbohydrates. Well, if the dish is a vegetable.

The fifth principle is to practice comprehensively and systematically

To ensure that the training gave a positive result, you need to work on three or four times a week, and each class is forty minutes. Work at 50-60% of maximum heart rate in the first weeks. A few initial workouts will help you strengthen your physical condition and get in shape. Systematic help to drop 300-400 calories.

To lose weight quickly, exercising on your elliptical trainer, if there will be a special warm-up, which should include:




pulling back muscles.

The sixth principle: diversify your workout

Elliptical trainer for those who still chooses an exercise bike or a treadmill. By the way, an article on this topic can be read on the portal.

But if you are looking for a trainer that can give the opportunity to train diverse, the best and difficult to imagine. The equipment will replace and skiing, and go Jogging, and bike riding, and walking up the stairs, and even run.

You will be able to lose weight by exercising on the elliptical trainer, and not be bored during class.

Principle seven: be aware of the precautions

Everything should be treated seriously, and to weight loss including. So when you pedal backwards, do not try to pretend to be a circus performer – hold on to the handrails. When moving backward, push the pedal with your heel, then pry it open a bit. Before changing directions classes complete stop.

The eighth principle: forget about the sick joints!

Classes on some simulators have many limitations. Elliptic in that respect is a godsend for those who have joint disease, of the spine. However, you need to engage with a moderate load at a normal pace.

Adherence to all these principles will help you to lose weight by exercising on the elliptical trainer. You do not have to enroll in a gym, walk on shaping, to rise at five or six in the morning for Jogging, or to wait for winter to ski. All optimal load you will get, focusing on a single home trainer.

Author – Eva the rainbow portal about losing weight LOSE weight without problems!

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