How to love and not to give up trainings

When was your vacation, changed the mode of life or have difficulties with the girl, lost the desire to go to the gym. How to stay motivated for going to the gym? The reasons why once you cross the threshold of the sports club, was rife: the desire to lose weight and get into old jeans, to impress a girl, get buff to leave… But the vacation was, the girl stopped like the extra pounds were dropped (or left), and enthusiasm to train noticeably diminished. Why? Because the classes you really liked… Sometimes

this forced circumstances. For example, a change of residence: when a favorite club ’s not on the road”, to visit the workout becomes more difficult. Series of holidays, vacation break usual mode, and to return to school is not easy. Quit coach. The timetable was changed. However, there are plenty of athletes who overcome such difficulties. Because they retain most importantly: the inner attitude and motivation.

Strive to fulfill their own and not someone else’s desire!

Set yourself a long term goal. “the Doctor said I should lose weight”, “Girls like cubes on the press”— it is to your aspirations, and therefore won’t work. You should do what you want, not what you need to someone else.

One of the main conditions of long-term “Roman fitness” is habit. She is known to be produced on day 21. Sports — a little longer, because it’s not every day you go to class. Remember that first time when you may have to force myself to train. Our body needs to get used to the loads, then they may become for him a true need.

Find like-minded people

Another of the little tricks, how to stay in the gym: to bring together like-minded friends. Those who train together, less likely to drop classes, — psychologists say. Together is better and there is light the spirit of competition. If among your friends who want to engage in fitness no, meet with someone right in the room. In this case, in addition to communication, you can get a lot of information and tips. Especially if your training partner — more experienced athlete. But most importantly, practicing in pairs, again to follow their own, not someone else’s desires.

Forewarned, forearmed!

We each have moments when we want to quit fitness. Most often they occur in the following periods:

The second or third month of classes. The first time you rejoice the new impressions, and your body — physical exercise, which many of us in everyday life deprived. There is an active production of hormones of joy. And suddenly the novelty effect disappears. And instead comes sensation “gray sports everyday life”.

Six to eight months. The first plateau. After the first victories, not everyone manages to survive the first disappointment, or rather, the lack of results. At this point it is crucial to learn to search and discover in fitness something new, varying load.

Year. The first point in time when a person thinks that he goes to the club for a very long time, knows everything and can do everything. On the one hand, you have already developed a habit of playing if they were regular. On the other — you feel that you have received from training all you could, or, on the contrary, has not made any sense. Try switching, to elect for a different purpose or to start training individually.

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