How to walk on a treadmill

Modern treadmill is recognized as more effective compared to other simulator that allows you to burn maximum calories in minimum time spent. The simulator has become extremely popular in upscale fitness centers and at home. Poor health and constant weight after a workout due to the fact that most people makes the mistake of thinking that knows how to walk on a treadmill.

During class you should not hold the handrails.

On a treadmill you can do a Wellness walk and not just running. For more convenient use of the simulator, the majority resorts to the help of the handrail, which is equipped with a simulator, because they feel more secure, but this is a common mistake for all involved. The body running or walking bent forward, stooped taking the position that it was not good for the body, since there is an overload of the spine. The second negative factor is that you reduce the load on the legs, holding the railing, which decreases the effectiveness of Jogging on the treadmill.

Practicing on the track, imagine that you are training at home on the simulator, and the garden or the Park where you can rely only on foot strength and your endurance. After some time running without the support of handrails will seem quite natural for you and you won’t need them. If you use the handrails to measure heart rate, it is best to purchase a wrist for these purposes the meter, and not to use the handrails.

Jump off of the treadmill is dangerous.

Since intense physical training there is a feeling of thirst, many athletes jump off of the track without reducing the speed of her paintings. The result can be injury. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to stop the simulator, to go with him and quench your thirst.

Training must be continuous and not intermittent.

Sweating is an indicator of an effective workout. This is typical of any sport: when a sufficient load level the body gets rid of excess fluid. Almost everyone thinks that know how to run, and somehow convinced that at the first feeling of fatigue you may want to stop training. Jogging, like the treadmill, designed to rid the body of excess calories. This simulator is not forceful, but the cardio equipment, and so fat it burn long practice. If your t-shirt after the run, then soaked, then you can consider your training successful, while a few drops of sweat on his forehead indicates a lack of workout duration, and during these sessions you will not achieve high performance in sports.

The body gets used to the loads with the gradual increase in the duration of classes. It is necessary to continue training even if legs refuse to obey. Only a few times to overcome fatigue and you will feel like you have to open a second wind, and will appear fresh troops. In the future, the body itself will overcome the fatigue and you will have an irresistible desire to stop your workout.

We can recommend when Jogging and extreme fatigue to switch to a more moderate pace. If you feel a burning sensation in the muscles of the legs, and the sweat flowing stream, go for a quick walk, or decrease your running pace. If you feel that you are beginning to cool, then gradually accelerate the movement. Using during class changing stress on the body and intensity, you strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Depending on your experience and you can feel after Jogging to take a shower or hot bath.

The fear of falling off the treadmill.

First stepping on the treadmill, don’t panic. Fear of falling from the path common to many. In this sense a person is nervous, and leg muscles tense up, which takes a lot of energy that could be spent on lessons. Start classes, relax, because no one sees you and will not touch. You can turn the music or favourite film, and thus be distracted from muscle tension. Time for you fly by, and the body will get from your workout for maximum benefits for the body.

To do is necessary in athletic shoes.

Most people, exercising at home, doesn’t wear anything on my feet. This is not the right solution, since the adhesion to the belt much better in the Shoe, which, moreover, will save you from possible injury.

Mandatory pre-workout.

As in any other sport, if you practice on the track you need to warm up the muscles, making pre-workout. You can’t just start your run at high speed – this is the mistake many beginners do on the track. Before switching lanes, you must take the right position: stand on the walking belt and push your feet shoulder width apart. Start walking, gradually increase the load. So when training not to lose balance and fall off track, don’t look at moving the canvas and keep your head up to look straight in front of him. If you are just beginning your studies, then focus your attention and feelings on the muscles of the legs. When you gain experience, you will be able to jog and talk with others.

Regular workouts.

Depending on training your body and endurance, set yourself a regular workouts. Classes can be every day, and two or three times a week. If in addition to running on the simulator you are in the gym, then talk to your coach, as you get better to combine classes. It’s possible that you will be paying more attention to cardio, and the gym trainers. These classes will contribute to faster burning of fats.

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