Methodological features of the organization and conduct classes on a new health direction

Like many other kinds of fitness, cycle came from America. The founder of the cycle was, the American cyclist John Goldberg, a big fan of fitness. In the early 90s he designed stationary Bicycle lightweight for racing indoors, and your own style of exercise, which simulated an exciting race at the Veloz ibadah . This direction in a very short time became popular in America and later in Europe, and is called “Cycling”.

Modern Cycling – primarily this an effective group Tr tirowka on professional stationary bikes, which takes place to the accompaniment of music before a large screen, which sets the tempo trainer.

Cycle – this is a collective form of training, in which there is the spirit of competition, bouncy upbeat music and catchy fitness instructor, whose task is not only to monitor the correctness and consistency of the performed exercises, but also to maintain a good mood from the beginning to the end of the lesson [1,5].

The advantage of Cycling is that the coach can easily control the load on the body, including your heart rate by changing the speed of the simulator.

This kind of group classes. The instructor determines exactly how the race will standing or sitting on a stationary bike, do I need a presence on the track of the turns and descents, does it make sense to introduce acceleration and jumping. In the process of calculating the required load takes into account a variety of factors, chief among which is the preparedness of the group. In addition to flexible control over the level of the load, cycle and has many other advantages. In particular, the workouts usually last 45 minutes of pure time, burn the optimal amount of fat and, plus, perfectly develop endurance.

All the training cycle are divided into several levels. The first level is designed specifically for beginners. At this stage the main focus is the production of the correct technique. To master the advanced levels of a person starts with a certain physical training. The transition from level to level takes place after a certain number of visits [3].

Cardio workout in these classes is high, so we should get used to it gradually and be sure to consult with a trainer.

Cycle perfectly removes total amount of fat deposits in the body, gives tone to the muscular system, has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. allows you to achieve a visible effect for a short period of time. The training is carried out with considerable physical load, so there are a number of diseases in which the cycle contraindications: hypertension, serious stage of varicose veins, problems with the knee joints, cardiovascular disease [2].

Training begins with a warm-up, as in any other form of fitness, and ends with stretching [4]. This is a very important step that should not be neglected if you don’t want to get injured.

During cycle exercise consumes a lot of calories. If you do 2-3 times a week, then after a month, you can see tangible results: significantly reduced body fat, the muscles of the thighs, legs, abdomen, buttocks and arms will gain elasticity.

Cycle is a leader among a group of programs for burning fats in conjunction with the development of physical stamina and strengthen the muscular system. Modern fitness clubs offer a variety of programs cycle training depending on level of complexity. The emphasis is not only on the level of preparedness of clients, from beginners to advanced, but on the goals and objectives that strive to achieve the student. Workout can be strength. can be focused on endurance, for energy storage or for rapid increase of body recovery after power loads. To practice the cycle do not need special equipment, except that you should pay attention to the running shoes that should have a solid sole, the foot must be firmly fixed. Will definitely need a towel and a bottle of mineral water without gas.

Time training for beginners lasts half an hour, for people with experience – 45 minutes. On the cycle, you can install a load that person pedal quite a twist you can’t. Training is built on the principle of full imitation of the race, in true off-road bike. Simulated mountain terrain, riding on the sand, highway sections at high speed. Race does not occur in the same position – the position of the body changes under the command of the instructor. Coming off a pelvis of a seat, a portion of parcel “protaetia” standing, the constantly changing grip the steering wheel. After training it is necessary to spend a good stretch to the muscles stood out from the strain. This is especially true for beginners. Cycle easy by the fact that the level loads, you can choose three ways: by varying the resistance of the flywheel, changing the speed of rotation of the pedals and changing the position of his own body on the sports projectile. This gives the opportunity to use fitness equipment to manufacture new products with any degree of preparation. In some, usually high-end fitness clubs in the cycle classes are energetic, lively music, but also via video. Each phase of the workout is accompanied by an image, creates an overall impression of presence.

Cycle is equally suitable for both men and women. Although the group is usually more women, but they very rarely work on the enhanced program. Mostly beginner and intermediate level loads. Classes cycle is approximately two times more effective than training on a treadmill (referring to the same duration of the lesson). That is why those who wish to quickly get in shape choose this type of fitness.

Today there is another area of fitness aquacycling. Almost the same thing, but only in water. Classes in water, due to the resistance of the medium, give your muscles the additional load, which improves the impact of training on the muscles of our body and accelerates the burning of excess fat.

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