Pregnancy and simpatic

Pregnancy – it is a period of tremendous changes in the body. And in this period all the internal forces, directly or indirectly, for the maximum benefit to the growing fetus and prepare women for childbirth. One manifestation of this is the softening of the joints in the pelvic bones, which is necessary to facilitate passage of the baby through the pelvis during childbirth. In addition to softening occurs and some stretching of the symphysis pubis, which is also quite natural. But if the tension becomes acceptable norms, we are already talking about such insidious diseases as simfatic pregnant .

The symptoms of simpatica

Simfatic rarely goes unnoticed by the woman herself. The first signs can assert themselves in the second trimester, but most often in the third. At the very beginning of the development of the disease begin to appear such a disturbing and unpleasant sensations, such as pain in the pubic area when walking and climbing stairs. At that stage, when the stretching of the symphysis pubis will reach a significant size (more than 9-10 mm), all the symptoms of simpatica will be manifested in full force:

severe pain in the pubic symphysis, not only when walking, but in a sitting, and even lying down in some cases;

increased pain when cornering, lifting the legs and rising from a chair;

swelling of the pubic area;

duck gait with short steps;

clicks when the feeling of the womb.

If a pregnant woman has felt something similar to the above symptoms, it is extremely important to inform your doctor. Natural childbirth in the presence of simpatica can become dangerous to the woman’s health and her ability to move on their own, since with high probability can occur rupture of symphysis pubis.

What is needed for diagnosis?

To diagnose the condition a doctor will be able on clinical signs and examination with palpation. To confirm the same, you may need one of the following methods:

– x-ray; computed tomography; magnetic resonance imaging; ultrasonography.

They need to determine the degree of divergence of the symphysis pubis and to exclude the presence of the gap. In practice, it will usually be sufficient and one ULTRASOUND study, given that all other methods carry some risk to the fetus.

The reasons for the development of the disease

Simfatic appears as a result of strong relaxation of all the pelvic joints. The true causes of this excessive relaxation is uncertain, but there are two main versions:

1. Lack of calcium in the body .

2. Production in excess of the hormone relaxin, which is responsible for softening of the bone joints.

In the study of the possible causes of Western scholars identified the following predisposing factors:


confirmed or suspected simfatic during a previous pregnancy;

numerous childbirth;

trauma or pathology of the pelvis;

a sedentary lifestyle prior to pregnancy;

post-term pregnancy ;

large fruit.

According to the findings of researchers, the impact of these factors is not exactly proven, and it is for the most part is only a hypothesis, but if a woman has one or more of them, she falls into a risk group.

Prevention and treatment of simpatica

Until the end is unknown about the possibility in any way to prevent this disease, but it is believed that to avoid simpatica to some degree is possible if the following preventive measures:

Eating foods rich in calcium – cottage cheese, including goat, fish, nuts. greens etc.

Medications that improve digestion and thus the absorption of calcium from digestive tract – various enzymes, Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.

Moderate exercise – special gymnastics, swimming, etc..

Frequent walks and time outdoors to improve produce vitamin D, which is very important for proper absorption of calcium.

The use of a good orthopedic mattress for sleeping.

In particular, such prophylaxis is recommended for women who already experienced simvision during a previous pregnancy.

In cases where the diagnosis is clear and confirmed by ultrasound, becomes mandatory periodic hospital treatment, which are held physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory and pain therapy, up to epidural analgesia for special reasons. Outside the hospital pregnant with simvision must comply with the following recommendations:

Allowed to sit for no longer than 1 hour.

To avoid the long walk and climbs stairs.

Often keep your feet in the symmetric position.

Stick rich in calcium diets.

To prevent excessive weight gain.

To limit unnecessary physical stress.

To wear a bandage for pregnant women.

There are also exercises for compisite in pregnancy :

1. Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees. In this position, you need to slowly raise and lower the pelvis, briefly detaining him in a good condition every time. Repeat 5 times.

2. Stand on all fours, the back muscles are relaxed, my head is level with his back. The exercise is performed by bending back upwards from its initial position. At the same time, the head is lowered, and the muscles of the thighs and abdomen need to strain. Repeat 3 times.

3. Lie on your back, knees strongly flexed, and heels pressed against the buttocks. You need to slowly raise the knees in different directions as possible. Repeat 5 times.

It is recommended to perform these exercises at least three times a day. It is believed that they can help even with increased pelvic pain.

With a favorable course with childbirth after a while all the pain. The choice of the method of delivery is performed by a doctor, given the many factors that can increase the risk of rupture of the symphysis pubis in the process of natural childbirth. Therefore, the indications for caesarean section when compisite are:

pronounced pain;

anatomically narrow pelvis;

large fruit;

the expansion of the pubic gap more than 10 mm.

In the end it is worth noting that often the doctors at women’s clinics, leading pregnancy, not being taken seriously enough complaints from women about the pain and swelling of the frontal bone. In such cases it is recommended to consult an orthopedic surgeon.

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