Dance aerobics

A bit of history. Aerobics is a word, which in the sixties of the twentieth century, the famous American doctor Kenneth Cooper proposed to name the various types of movement, with a health focus. Kenneth Cooper coined the Jogging – Jogging Jogging. Behind him, Jane Fonda came up with dance aerobics. Started. Gym, aerobics, Aqua aerobics, cycle Reebok, even Boxing-aerobics: of all that offer these and many other areas, Expromt chooses the most non-traumatic and effective direction – our dance aerobics, which we dubbed “lose weight!” .

Sleek-away! is a healthy lifestyle for strong-willed,energetic optimists and those who want to become established.

Sleek-away!” is interesting and well-balanced program trenirovok to harmoniously sochitaya elements of the base and dance aerobics and strength training.

Dance aerobics has a positive effect on the entire body . strengthening the respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular and nervous system, develops endurance. Classes affect the body in a complex, delicately adjusts the shape of the legs, developing the right muscle group.

Aerobic dance acts on the body in a complex, delicately adjusts the shape of the legs, developing the right muscle group. Strength training (special training, an integral part of “lose weight-Ki”) is created for a focused study of individual muscle groups (press, thigh, waist, etc.) that will allow You to achieve the desired results and to acquire in good physical shape.

Wellness programs aerobics attract a wide circle of those involved in its accessibility, emotion and the ability to change the content of the lessons depending on their interests and readiness. The basis of every class consists of various exercises performed in walking, running, jumping, and exercises for strength and flexibility performed from different starting positions.


And why not?

Dance aerobics in Expromt based on the eponymous musical and dance styles, logically and consistently connected with elements of modern dance and music, as well as with exercises sports. Strengthens the muscles, especially the lower body, stimulates the cardiovascular system, improves coordination and posture, burns excess weight.

During one session under dynamic dance music performed fast and slow, respiratory and Shapingba exercises, jumps and dance moves. If the load is less high, and if the training duration will not exceed at least forty minutes, to lose weight aerobics will not help.

Attention! In case Your health is greatly upset, before recording, consult your doctor.

The classes are quite simple and effective. A variety of variations of exercises allows you to use the maximum number of muscle groups, helps to strengthen them, develops coordination, improves posture, promotes weight loss and just uplifting.

Workout clothing: We suggest you wear a sports style in clothes:

• Bottom – fitting sports pants, tights.

• Shoes – sneakers. and for classes: Classes designed for morning or daytime, since classes are restorative in nature. In the morning the body is more constrained than in the afternoon or evening. The purpose of morning classes is in soft opening and emancipation, it is a good preparation for the day ahead. The body should be made free, breathing easy, and the mind more focused. If your work requires activity, attention, concentration, and also if You work mainly in a sedentary position, of daily tonic will also contribute to your health, activity, vivacity. It will also help to avoid stressful situations, or at least help to overcome them easily, and quietly 🙂

Classes before the working day will help You to be up all day, whatever it was. Classes are developed on the basis of Pilates and incorporate elements of stretching, yoga, body ballet. Exercises include gentle load, contribute to the revival of active energy and good mood, help the body to rejuvenate and gain strength that will serve You the rest of the day.

Also, this program is ideal for those who find it difficult to get up early in the morning, as it is easier to do at lunchtime.

We just want to offer You to acquire useful, healthy habit!

Characteristics of the class:

• Level: any

• Physical activity: gentle, moderate

• Class length: 60 minutes.

Workout clothing: We suggest you wear a sports style in clothes:

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