GEO-SPA resort Novahoff has an Arsenal of basins:

swimming pool


children’s pool

the saltwater pool

pool with dead sea water

Swimming pool (25m) in GEO-SPA resort Novahoff

“Healthy body, healthy mind” – so said the ancient. To keep your body healthy, it is critical for athletic training. Probably, no one will argue.

“He can neither read nor swim” – as in Ancient Greece could say about a man who was unworthy to be called a citizen. As you can see, back in those days, civilized people understood very well the importance and usefulness of navigation.

The benefits of swimming in the pool, as a form of physical activity, it is difficult to overestimate: floating in the pool, you can seriously improve your health and restore the body after physical and psychological injuries, and reduce/maintain weight.

The benefits of swimming in the pool is reflected in its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Those who are constantly engaged in swimming, marked decrease in heart rate to 60 beats per minute or less. Accordingly, the heart muscle such people is much more powerful and economical than the others.

While swimming in the pool participate in breathing even the most remote areas of the lungs that prevents the occurrence of stagnation. The benefits of swimming in the pool for human breathing is evident even at the household level: after a quick walk or climbing stairs for several floors in people who regularly engaged in swimming, breathing does not change.

When swimming in the pool, you lose a lot of calories (at distances of 100 – 1500 m calorie consumption ranges from 100 to 500 K/cal) – hence the benefits of swimming in the pool for weight loss. This powerful calorie burning in the body happens for several reasons:

the density of water is approximately 775 times higher than the density of air, respectively, to perform the most simple of movements in the water associated with serious energy,

when swimming, the breathing becomes deeper and more rapid – as a result, all your body is saturated with oxygen (aerobic exercise),

in water the human body emits 50 to 80% more heat, respectively, to recover any such loss, metabolism in the body greatly accelerated.

The undoubted benefits of swimming in the pool that it is a very gentle form of physical activity. When sailing the risk of any injuries is minimal. So swimming is often recommended as reparative therapy for people with injuries of muscles, joints, etc. When swimming the body is almost constantly in a horizontal position – this contributes to the rapid attainment of a state of relaxation.

In addition, do not forget that there is another, absolutely applied, but no less important aspect of the use of swimming in the pool – the development of the skills of navigation. It is known that every year in Russia is sinking much more people than are killed in the most serious local conflicts. Floating in the pool, you will be able to more confident feel in the summer on the river or the sea, and will be able in an emergency to help her family.

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