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Sports diet

Experts recommend to train on an empty stomach. 2 hours before classes need to be supported, providing the body’s energy supply.

Basic nutrition athlete – vegetable and animal food. It should include carbohydrates (55-60%), fats (30%), positively influencing the energy balance in the body, as well as the proteins (15 %) – essential muscle builders.

If the training is short and intense (bike riding, running, sports walking for 30-35 minutes), it makes sense to choose products with index from 65 to 130, if prolonged (endurance) average – with an index below 65.

Raises the question of the consumption of potatoes and white bread, the most advanced of attendees, sports complexes from them trying to refuse. However, these foods if eaten without butter and other fats though and have a high calorific value, the content of potassium is second only parsley and beans. Therefore, they actively contribute to the strengthening of the heart muscle and eliminate excess fluid. Contained herein is a salt of potassium and magnesium relieve tension of the muscles and blood vessels, normalize blood pressure.

Products Index

Potatoes 121, cereal (muesli) 110, White bread 100, Bananas 76, Orange 62, 52 Apple,Pear 52, Yoghurt 47, Determines the rate of absorption of carbohydrates

Should not eat immediately after your workout

To regain strength and energy can be roughly twenty minutes after classes, eating a serving of low fat cottage cheese with raisins or prunes, a piece of boiled

meat or fish. The necessary energy will provide muesli cornflakes with natural yoghurt, potato dishes, vegetables and fruits, buckwheat porridge with milk. Those who are very tired after school, come to the aid of Turkey, cheese, milk, bananas, dark chocolate. They better increase serotonin is the main hormone of pleasure. Avocados contain “good” fat that not only reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, but also stimulates the joy of life.

For those who lead an active sports lifestyle, it is useful to include in the menu of nutritious smoothies, containing everything you need to recuperate. They quickly recover the cost of mineral salts, vitamins, fluid loss, easily digested, have a pleasant taste, quenches thirst, relieves dry mouth, do not burden the stomach. It is better to quench your thirst for 1.5–2 hours before workout and right before you take a SIP or two, if my mouth is dry, but dry in one gulp water bottle, of course, not worth it. Otherwise the sweat will be hail to flow on the face and in three streams on the back that is not conducive to comfort during exercise and increases the risk of catching a cold at the slightest draught.

Some instructors insist: not a drop, until laid out at the gym or aerobics, and after training are allowed to drink. But most sports doctors disagree with them. When actively have to move, the body temperature rises, metabolic processes are accelerated, and with them grows the need for water. Muscle actively lactic acid is formed: if it fails to “wash” out, the muscles will long be unpleasant.

That the body is dehydrated, can be judged by the feeling that my throat was dry, the formation of a viscous saliva and bad breath, which appears in the course of workout. These end products of metabolism that normally are excreted through the kidneys, accumulate in excess and removed from the body in emergency cases through the lungs. So every 5-7 minutes is recommended to do a couple of SIPS from a special bottle for sports with a special tube for drinking straight from the bottle. And after school you can drink a glass of mineral water, but no more so as not to provoke sweating.

What kind of water to choose

Non-carbonated. Not to inflate like a balloon and does not suffer from burping. Besides carbon dioxide, which is used to produce bubbles, acidifies the body, exacerbating the adverse effects generated in the muscles of lactic acid.

Enriched with oxygen or ozone. The need for life-giving gas is increased during exercise. Thanks ozonized mineral water additional portion of oxygen will be absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive system. This water invigorates, refreshes breath, activates the immune system, relieves headaches and fatigue, stabilizes blood pressure, lowers the level of blood sugar, protects vessels from atherosclerosis, heart from heart attack, brain – stroke, accelerates tissue regeneration, rejuvenates the skin and internal organs.

Treatment-and-dining – under moderate loads, health at large, because then the body loses a lot of minerals, and they need to fill. You can buy special water for fitness with a balanced composition and marked “sport” on the label.

Slightly alkaline (bicarbonate) to neutralize the lactic acid type “Essentuki-4”, “Borjomi”, “chain”, “Smirnoff”, “Sairme”, “Jermuk”. It is recommended to release her gas.

After training there is an additional demand for water from 1 to 1.5 liters. To prevent dehydration, you should drink at least two liters of fluid – natural juice, juice, juice, mineralno water without gas, herbal tea. Drinks should not be cold – the body and so spent a lot of energy. For the same reason for not having ice cream.

The Board of dietitian

The specialists of the Institute of nutrition recommends a recipe that you can eat after a long workout. Need to mix a decoction of oatmeal (20 g oat flakes 200 ml of water), 50 g of sugar or 15-25 grams of honey. 50 g cranberry jam, 0.3 g of ascorbic acid, 2-4 teaspoons of lemon or grapefruit juice.

Performing complex daily warm-up exercises, you can lose weight and get fit. It will help normalize blood circulation and strengthen the joints, develop muscle strength and increase their tone. You will improve posture, change gait, and as a result will improve the figure.

Warm — up-this is the introductory part of the training in the gym. It prepares the body for more intense loads.

The complex effective warm-up exercises and of itself. Doing it daily and combining it with a sensible diet, you will soon achieve results, even if will not be in the gym (although classes will help you to quickly adjust the shape in those places where it is needed).

Learn and memorize these exercises you will be able to quickly, and when one exercise will smoothly flow from another, then the whole complex will be run continuously (This method run a series of several exercises is called in-line) and look like a single unit.

What rules you must adhere to

– You can not eat just before a workout, and if necessary, food should be light and it should be little.

– If you want to achieve results, exercise daily. It will take you 10-15 minutes a day. First, do each exercise once, and then gradually increase the number of repetitions and approaches until you reach the maximum values recommended for each exercise. When you master the technique of movement, try to do exercise at a higher pace, invest more power, look into each exercise their own “flavor” and select it. It will increase the efficiency of the complex.

– Try to do the exercises without shoes. Working barefoot, you train the soles of the feet: they have an increased sensitivity, developing a sense of balance, at the same time more effectively trains the foot, the toes, the ankle joint is strengthened.

– At first, do the exercises at the support (the back of a chair, door handle, table), to boost stability. Then, when you master the complex, can be abandoned from support and do exercises in free standing position. The impact of each exercise focused on a specific part of the body, and if at first you will be hard to do the exercises technically correct, it is working without support, you will begin to bend, to bend down; that is, to perform compensatory movements, and the muscle group that was targeted for the exercise will not be enough to train effectively. For the same reasons in the early stages of exercise recommended exercises 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to perform sitting on a chair.

– Exercises for the abdominal muscles are at the very end. The sequence of exercises in a complex warm-up meets top-down” or “from head to toe”. Exercises for abdominal muscles are quite difficult and tiring, so they occur at the end of the complex.

– Protect the spine from mechanical damage. Doing exercises on your back, take care of your spine. The shape of the vertebrae, their size and stiffness talk about how vital mechanical protection of the spinal cord and nerves inside them. And even with this protection your spine needs special attention, so you need a gap between my back and the hard surface on which you are lying. Exercises performed lying on your back, should be on a surface covered by a carpet. Make sure that the Mat does not slip when moving. Exercises for the abdominal muscles, try to squeeze the lower back to the floor.

– Never exercise through pain. Pain is a warning of the body that there is a danger to health. You should stop the exercise and relax, and perhaps to seek medical help. the sequence of exercises is called flow and look like a single unit.

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