The first aid teacher

The first aid teacher

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1. Rules of conduct for teachers

2. General safety requirements

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The basic directions of activity of educational institution in the field of labour protection are:

– the priority of preserving life and health of workers

and students;

administration office of labor protection;

– administrative supervision and control over observance of requirements of labor protection;

– investigation and registration of accidents at work and occupational diseases.

The teacher must:

– to comply with the requirements of the protection labour;

– the right to use means of individual and collective protection;

– be trained in safe methods and receptions of performance of works, training on occupational safety training in the workplace and validation of knowledge of labour protection requirements;

– immediately notify their immediate or higher supervisor of any situation that threatens the life and health of people on each casualty in the gymnasium, or about the deterioration of his health;

faithfully perform their duties;

– observe labor discipline;

-take care of the property institutions;

-comply with labor standards.

1. Rules of conduct for teachers

The employee must comply with the norms, rules and instructions on labor protection, fire safety and internal labor regulations.

Immediately inform your supervisor of any casualty to the gymnasium, about the signs of occupational disease, as well as about the situation which endangers the life and health of people.

Prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages, and to start work in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.

When the disease or injury at work and outside of it, you must inform your supervisor and apply to medical school.

If an accident should assist the victim in accordance with instructions for first aid, call the employee health service. Save up to investigate the situation in the workplace as it was in the time of the accident, if it does not threaten the life and health of others and will not lead to the accident.

Upon detection of a malfunction of equipment to inform the supervisor. To use and apply the faulty equipment and fixtures is prohibited.

Performing employment duties, to comply with the following requirements:

– walk only on established walkways, and platforms[1];

– to sit and not to lean on random objects and fences;

– ‘t you go up and ran down a flight of stairs and transitional bridges;

– do not touch electrical wires, cables, electrical equipment;

– not correct malfunctions in lighting and power network, as well as launch devices;

– to pay attention to safety signs, signals and to fulfill their requirements (prohibiting safety sign with a tip “do Not include – working people!”).

– for drinking water should be consumed from a specially equipped or drinking fountains water coolers;

– eating should be in a specially equipped room (dining room).

2. General safety requirements

To the skiing lessons allowed students who passed the instruction on labor protection, medical examination and have no contraindications for health reasons.

-when conducting studies in skiing, the students must observe the rules of conduct, schedule training sessions, established modes of work and leisure.

– students should dress in accordance with the temperature of the external environment to avoid frostbite.

– students should be extremely careful to avoid injury when falling while skiing.

students should check the fastening of the ski to the Shoe to avoid injury.

– students should properly fit ski boots, avoid rubbing feet.

– when injuries occur, the student must immediately inform inform teachers, which informs the administration of the educational institution.

– during the lessons the students are required to observe the established order of the lessons and the rules of personal hygiene.

The teacher is prohibited:

is left unattended students;

– to be the learners who did not pass the instruction on labor protection and safety measures when conducting studies on the ski;

– use a faulty sports equipment and facilities;

– repair faulty electrical equipment yourself.

The teacher must:

– training on labor protection when conducting studies on the ski;

– to conduct training on occupational health and safety in ski training for all students;

– eliminate the use of unsuitable equipment;

– to achieve sustainable order and discipline of pupils during the ski lessons and in preparation for them during breaks[2].

In the classroom in athletics, students must avoid exposure to the following hazards:

– injuries from falls on slippery ground or paved surface;

– injuries while in the area of the throw during practice throwing; during exercise without warm-up.

When injuries occur, the student must immediately notify it to the fame of the teacher informs the administration and doctor of the grammar school. At malfunction of sports equipment to stop training and to inform the teacher.

During the lessons the students are required to observe the procedures of training and personal hygiene

Students are prohibited:

– to bring to school stabbing, cutting, flammable items;

– to run without the teacher’s permission, open the Windows, transoms; pushing each other, throwing each other different things;

– touch it without permission of the teacher of sports equipment.

The teacher is prohibited:

is left unattended students in the classroom and during recess;

– to be the learners who did not pass the instruction on labor protection and safety in athletics;

– use any sports equipment;

– repair faulty electrical equipment yourself.

Students should: avoid injury in collisions, falls on a wet, slippery floor or platform, not to violate the rules of conduct of the game.

Each injury should immediately notify a teacher who is obliged to provide medical care.

3. Description of first aid

Action working in case of an accident.

The rules of first aid need to know all the employees of the organization, so as to properly and timely provided first aid is of great importance for the recovery of the victim.

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