Top 10 sweets

Top 10 desserts that will forgive your conscience

How many different arguments you come up with yourself during the diet, to temper the sweet-tooth! ‘t resist a bite of birthday cake sometimes can not afford even the most stringent pitoresca. But there is good news! Sweet life can be healthy in moderation and the correct range.

A reasonable approach sweets not only harm, but also have a positive impact on health. After all, sweet – this is primarily carbohydrates that fill our body with energy.

We have selected for you 10 of the most useful Goodies that will even forgive your conscience.

Yes, this popular product can be useful if it consists of natural ingredients: fruit or berry puree, sugar, gelatin, pectin or agar-agar. Pectin, a naturally occurring sorbent, perfectly cleanses the intestines, normalizes metabolism and treats diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Agar improves digestion, removes toxins from the body, boosts the liver and thyroid.

Note the composition of this delicacy: puree fruits and berries, whipped with sugar and egg white. Fresh marshmallows contains phosphorus, iron, proteins, useful for digestion of dietary fiber, pectin, which displays the body of heavy metals and other poisons. Zephyr has a beneficial effect on vascular health, hair and nails. But again everything should be in moderation!

This sweetness is better to prepare themselves, to be confident in the usefulness of the composition. In-store halva is often used sugar or molasses, although you need to add honey. It is sunflower, sesame, peanut. This Oriental sweet is a source of proteins, organic acids and valuable minerals. Halva calms the nervous system, rejuvenates the body, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, improves circulation, beneficial for digestion and skin condition.

Bitter dark chocolate significantly healthier milk. Sweetness, comprising 60-70% of grated cacao beans, improves circulation and digestion, improves mood, normalizes blood pressure, eases PMS symptoms in women and even cure a cold. In addition, chocolate reduces the likelihood of developing many serious diseases: cancer, atherosclerosis and diabetes.

The structure of this dessert is a protein and sugar, making it relatively safe. Protein – it is the building material for the growing body. And if you just can’t bring myself to eat eggs, in the form of a crispy cake this product is consumed in a matter of seconds. For people who care about their figure, this sweetness for those that calorie it is very low.

This adorable children and adults the product is very useful. If it consists of natural ingredients, and behind it you look closely, you will provide the body with calcium and protein needed by the body. Especially useful for ice cream, cooked himself.


This is perfect for kids because it contains, in addition to carbohydrates, calcium. Compared to ice cream, it’s not as cold, and thus warn against hypothermia. In addition, the cocktail can add a variety of fruits and berries, making it incredibly vitamin.

This dessert shop which often leaves much to be desired, contains many useful vitamins and also rich in fiber and starch acting sedative effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. In jelly are substances necessary for hair, muscles, blood vessels and skin. Pectin, which is included with the Goodies, useful for the cardiovascular system, and gastrointestinal tract. An added bonus are the useful elements contained in the juice of berries and fruits. To make the jelly as helpful as possible, cook it at home yourself.

Homemade cakes

Creating kitchen masterpieces, you always know what they consisted of. You should remember some rules when cooking something for himself and his family.

Margarine is better to replace oil – butter or vegetable. The fact is that margarine contains TRANS fats, which can be dangerous for the body. Regular white sugar in the preparation of sweets it is better to replace cane or fructose or molasses. To ensure your meals with fiber, use of coarse flour. It can be mixed with regular wheat flour (ratio should be 1:1). Do not use dyes and dough leavening agents, they can be harmful.

Your useful could be the secret ingredients. For example, a carrot! It is great for sweet pancakes and muffins. Apples, pears, bananas are perfect for Apple pies, and berries decorate a cake.

Fruit chips

On a diet you go crazy when you hear the word “chips”? Take advantage of this and make a snack not from potatoes but from useful fruit. It is best for this dish perfect apples and bananas. Slice them in thin layers and place in oven. To prepare fruit chips you need at a low temperature for quite a long time to evaporate the moisture from the fruit and give them a crispy properties.

Don’t forget about dried fruit, honey, candied fruit, jam, fruit smoothies, sugar cane, sweet curds, natural yoghurts, in the end, the fresh berries and fruits. Choose healthy ingredients and connect your culinary imagination.

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