Training on a treadmill 3 options

Training on a treadmill prefer to spend many visitors to gyms, as it allows you to more accurately define the parameters of the load, to calculate calories burned and more natural from the point of view of the movements of its constituent. However, as shown, only a small percentage among those engaged able to withstand greater for the duration of the training at the simulator. The reason for that monotony. So to all those people who want to get the planned result by means of exercises on a treadmill, but don’t wish to endure the monotony, it is recommended to make your workout the maximum change.

Experts in the field of fitness is recommended to plan the scenario classes in the following three areas. Option # 1 – constantly change direction. How unusual it may seem, it is a really effective way not only to add variety to a workout on a treadmill, but also significantly increase the coverage of the study area. What about the playbook. The first five minutes of class, you must go to mid-tempo, slightly increasing the speed towards the end of this period. Then you need to slow down to 3-4 miles per hour and walk back, that is, to turn 180 degrees and walk backwards rather than forwards.

After one minute to move your body relative to the direction of motion by 90 degrees and go sideways, then after a minute turn the other side, then back again to the starting position. This walk allows you to increase the effectiveness of your workout on the treadmill. Besides, that will take more energy, since it is necessary to constantly monitor the balance will be better able to develop all the muscles of the lower body. For beginners it is recommended not to put more speed, it will be enough to set up about 2-3 miles per hour.

Option # 2 – apply interval training. On the treadmill to change are two key parameters are the speed and angle of incline. For those who are just beginning to apply similar training, it is recommended to change until either the speed or angle. It is proven that interval training allows you to burn more calories than usual. Its essence is to alternately increase and decrease the intensity of the training. For example, after a five-minute warm-up walk at a speed of about 6 km per hour, increase it to 9 to 12 or more, depending on the degree of preparation involved, for a short period of time, about 20-40 seconds, and then reduce it to 7 km per hour, with which you have to train for 40-80 seconds, etc.

Option # 3 – training in the style of “the hills”. Many treadmills have special programs that allow you to simulate walking or running on rugged terrain. Of course, a similar exercise can be performed in manual mode, independently picking up the speed and angle of inclination. For example, after a five-minute warm-up, you can start with a small angle of about 2 degrees, and average speed of about 6 km per hour. Then you can either increase the speed or increase the angle. Beginners to use a similar exercise is better to use small values of velocity and angle.

Thus, applying all three options train on a treadmill, any person will get the most use and will eliminate the boredom factor, which is often the cause of not receiving the desired result. The most prepared athletes can use all three versions of the exercises in one workout.

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