What physical activity is necessary to dog

Why dogs need physical activity? Due to activity of young and adult body will develop properly, to improve the appetite, and, most importantly, the owners are serious breeds will gain a strong defender. Also, a tired dog will be much calmer and more obedient. Excess energy will go away naturally.

Walking the dog within the yard, you are no good to walk on a leash. Therefore, you should learn to control your pet in any situation and on any terrain.

What types of physical activity exist.

Normal walking. Well, that dog just runs around you when you walk. Walking the dog always on a leash – bullying, so you should learn to control her without a leash. While walking fulfil the command “come”. sometimes beckoning the dog and giving approach for the treat. Read more about how to walk the dog and control it on the street, read the link.

Game. All dogs love the game, but if your pet is indifferent to them, then you need to play it. Play tug the puller. Available physical exercise that will help to shed some belly fat and to the owner.

Command “Aport”. Throwing a stick for the dog, you minimally tense. And she, at this time, beaming with happiness, brings you once again thrown the stick. Just walking around and occasionally throwing a stick can be fun to harrass the dog. It is unlikely to miss the opportunity to frolic.

Running. If you love to run, your dog will readily form the active company owner. Any breed is capable of running at least a little bit. Rather tired you than the dog.

Riding on the bike. Very useful to drive the dog to the bike, but not quickly and not too long. Enough to pass at first no more than 3-4 miles, gradually bringing the distance up to 7-8 miles. For distances, it is better not to pursue, and if they are going to go long, the dog will first need to prepare, and give the opportunity to relax, making stops. By the way, to control the beast will each host, even if it weighs twice as less than dogs. The main thing – skill.

Interesting article.

Feeding puppies should be regular and correct, depends on their full physical development.

Dog training is a very important task that requires a lot of patience, but you will be able to control the dog in any (!) situation.

How to travel with a dog on a bike? First, remember that three hours before riding the bike and an hour and a half after, do not feed the dog. This is very important, otherwise you can ruin the animal.

For starters, teach your dog to obey your orders on the command “next”, to do this, read how to teach your dog the command “next”. Teaching an animal to go next, simply fasten to the collar leash and first walk with the dog on a leash in one hand and bike in the other. Go for so little and make sure that the dog you listen to.

Then you can sit on a bike and ride a bit on slow speed. Control the dog by giving the command “next” to change the tempo of the movement, stop and turn. Then you can add speed and gradually learn. For a start, do not go there, where it drives a lot of traffic.

Be sure to bring two liters of water and a bowl. From time to time to make stops and look at the dog, if she is not tired. Perhaps we should take a rest and some water, then drive more slowly, or walk. Overall, just be careful.

The above are the most available methods of development of physical strength of the dog. You deal with pet activity in other ways? If Yes, please write how you are walking your animal in the comments below. And be sure to lift yourself up by 100%! You can see the most positive videos in the world below! I have not yet seen!

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