12 of the rules of running

Health has always been valued by people is very high. Significantly higher gold and gems and only having lost this treasure, you know, as was rich!

Health is the primary Foundation of life, on which we can build a professional career, happy family and much, much more, including a phenomenal muscles. And aerobic exercise, like Jogging, there is

indispensable. They are able to really rejuvenate the heart with 5-10 years! It old saves stamina and remains healthy.

Today, Jogging is one of the most economical and readily available sports. A minimum of equipment, a little knowledge and no special requirements for weather conditions.

Despite this, running is one of the most effective ways of targeted training of the heart. He actively contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, boosts the metabolism of the heart muscle, prevents sclerotic vascular occlusion and infarction. Targeted training in running reduce heart rate, as when you perform physical activity and at rest. It normalizes blood pressure, which usually tends to rise with age. In addition, running contributes to a reduction in the body’s total quantity of dangerous substances of triglycerides, of which cholesterol is formed.

Before you the 12 most important rules of running:

While running the ligaments are exposed to high load. He needs post-workout recovery is exactly the same as the muscles in bodybuilding. Between days running need at least a day of rest.

The danger of running in that it creates a shock vibration of the spine. To avoid this, buy branded sneakers on thick and elastic soles, preferably with a special device, allowing further compressing the foot due to pumping air into a special cavity. When searching for shoes bypass the tenth road markets or shops, type ” All along. RUB “. Expensive, and therefore hated Adidas, Puma, Reebok etc is expensive for a reason. For Your money they protect Your feet. Remember that all shoes have a special meaning. Some of them are designed for tennis, other — aerobics, basketball, volleyball, etc. You also need shoes for cross-country running. About the specifics of each model of sneakers, you can ask the consultant at the store.

First, convenient. Secondly, the quality of the expensive material known companies (see p. 2). Avoid overheating due to too warm clothes. Justified knee and ankle insurance.

In General, choose the right clothes for Jogging You will learn with experience. At first, when You leave home, You may be cold. However, in the same clothes at the end of the course, it is likely to become too hot. The rules here are: wear easily in the heat, but in cold weather, wear several thin t-shirts or t-shirts instead of one or two warm. Make sure that the clothes are not paralyzed the movement.

Softer is better than harder. Not only joint health, but also for more complicated conditions. I.e. 1 km on sand is not the same that 1 km of the stadium. If possible, avoid paved surfaces. However, there is an increased risk of running and on the sand – the risk of getting a sprain of the ankle or knee joint. You should also not running up the mountain to escape from it. Elevation changes while running have a negative impact on the knee joints.

Start with a leisurely stride. Only running can bring pleasure. Then you will see that the running speed can be increased without any damage to their own emotions. With experience, it is recommended to determine standards: first, it diversifies workout, secondly, increase motivation, because You will record your improvement. Well, and thirdly, will not let You relax.

6. Relaxation.

While running, working the muscles of the legs. Well, what happens with the rest of the muscles? Observe yourself and you will find that the shoulder muscles you tense. This is a normal reaction of the newcomer. A conscious effort to relax your back muscles, neck and chest. If you failed, it means you’re running too fast. Slow running and achieve the desired relaxation.

From proper breathing a possibility to run a certain distance depends almost stronger than muscles. It is in the breath is the secret of endurance.

Try to breathe smoothly. The body will be forced to breathe in rhythm with the rearranged feet. The most common misconception: “double” breath, “double” exhale.

Get a sports watch with stopwatch (ideally with pedometer in supplements). Good mobtel replaces the whole package together with the player. All standards and achievement need to fix and check.

If I run in the room, the player helps them get ready, get into the rhythm, makes the run more interesting. If training takes place on the street, the player is evil.

If you get even a minor injury, for example, slightly stretched tendons of the foot or feel only discomfort some cords, don’t run. Replace running with swimming or Cycling. Remember: pain when running excludes running!

11. Security.

Oddly enough, a very important point that cannot be ignored. Practice shows that for Jogging in urban (and rural) environment, you need to plan in advance the route, avoiding places, dogs, crowds of people (especially if they congregate near cafes and bars), rough terrain. Try not to cross roadways.

Take pepper spray, stun gun, telescopic baton, a knife. Sad and funny because it’s not “out on the play arrow, but only running, but if You’re running for health, it would be nice to take care of its preservation.

12. Make running a habit.

For a fighter or athlete should be running the same habit, like brushing your teeth in the morning. The reason is that the benefits of running can be only through regular training. Positive changes appear at the end of the second week running and then accumulate as Jogging experience.

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