A huge benefit of Swimming

There are so many beautiful kinds of sport, physical development and health improvement. And if you have the desire to do them, to strengthen their health, to keep fit, you can always find a nice and effective form of exercise, it would be this desire. Swimming — one of the most enjoyable and effective workouts! About swimming let’s talk more, because not everyone understands its benefits fully and strongly underestimate the possibilities of training in the pool.

In addition, swimming or water aerobics is highly recommended by

specialists as an additional workout to the so-called “dry” fitness stress (yoga, Pilates, aerobics, dancing, exercising at the gym). This combination increases the impact of any training at times. Including, symbiosis dry loads with swimming useful for those who aims to lose weight and to bring their figure to the ideal as swimming and any exercise in water promotes effective burning of calories due to the acceleration of metabolism.

Swimming — it is universal and in all respects a very useful type of physical training, which is recommended by his patients therapists, nutritionists, neurologists and other medical and athletic professionals. Many coach mandatorily prescribe to their athletes swimming for muscle recovery, stress relief, muscle ache, including for the growth of endurance.

The benefits of swimming and exercises in water. top 10 reasons

1. The overall effective development of all muscles and ODA in General. Training in the water contribute to the revitalization and development of almost all the muscles of our physical body. Swimming, water aerobics and other exercises in the water give strength, coordination, endurance and high vitality (simple energy).

2. Gradual entry and recovery after a break or injury. Swimming and exercises in water is recommended for those who for some reason had a long break in sports, and also those who are recovering from injury and starts to re-gain physical form. Water — is supportive and cushioned environment for the gradual inclusion of muscles in our body work, water restores and promotes healing. In addition, being in the water takes the load on the spine and joints.

3. Change the qualities of the muscles. Water and pool sessions give the muscles of the body special properties. Muscle become more elastic, soft, with that, thanks to the swimming they are great to strengthen. It is the perfect load for those who do not plan to gain muscle mass, as well as for those who want to lose weight.

4. Excellent recovery of the whole organism. In certain diseases the physicians recommend swimming. Such diseases can include, for example, asthma. Swimming involves the lungs fully, forcing them to work 100%. This leads to intense saturation of blood with oxygen, to the land and to the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body. It is no secret that many diseases occur because of oxygen deficiency, weak lung and metabolic disorders. The same exercises in the water is a wonderful pacemaker.

5. Significant acceleration of metabolism and burning them only calories, it is possible to lose weight. Swimming, as mentioned above, accelerates metabolic processes, and therefore your fat will burn faster. 1 hour swimming lessons or intensive water aerobics frees you up to 500 extra calories. And even after you exit the pool accelerated metabolic processes continue to cleanse your body and burn calories.

6. The stretching and recovery of the spine and accelerated growth for the child. Certain spine problems in our time is almost every second and water, namely, swimming lessons, contributes to the restoration of the back, of the spine, eliminating compression of the vertebrae, and many others. etc.

But if you want your child to grow up big, strong and healthy, no doubt give him to swim. Sessions in the water, swimming is not only heals and builds the body, but also pull, accelerating the growth of the child.

7. No expensive sports equipment and ammunition. For swimming you need swim trunks, swimming cap and goggles, and then if desired. To swim you don’t even need to buy a tracksuit and sneakers, certainly not have to buy a treadmill or trainer:).

8. A creative approach to training and absolute pleasure. Swimming styles, thank God there are many and you can choose what you like. The intensity of the load can also be adjusted. a variety of exercises. In addition, the coach always tells you that it is better for you. But if you are tired, you can just lie on the water, which is also very useful:)

9. Increase the effectiveness of workouts and faster recovery. Almost all professional athletes add to their loads of swimming. Why? Why are they doing this? In the first place . swimming has always promotes the growth of endurance, which inevitably improves performance in any sport. Secondly . classes in water rapidly restores the body, removing accumulated tension in the muscles and delayed onset muscle soreness, and giving the body the necessary rest and relaxation.

10. Natural hardening and massage every muscle and cell. Classes in the water at any time of the year contribute to hardening of the body and strengthening immunity. It’s always been. Moreover, water is a natural hitter and being in the water a person receives a gentle massage every millimeter of the surface of your body body, every muscle.

11. The ability to wash away negative energy, fill you with joy and cheerfulness. Water is one of the best guides and it almost instantly picks up on the negative energy of a person when they’re immersed in it. Water clears the energy and emotion of everyone who it touches. Therefore, almost always, even if you come in the pool with a bad mood, leaving you with peace of mind and joy of heart, as the saying goes «Live — well!»

Whatever you do, be sure to find time for water treatment at least 1 time a week, preferably 2-3 times a week.

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A huge benefit of Swimming
There are so many beautiful kinds of sport, physical development and health improvement. And if you have the desire to do them, to strengthen their health, to keep fit, you…

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