Complex morning physical exercises

This topic is relevant because in modern adverse environmental conditions in combination with a sedentary lifestyle a person experiences a very negative impact on your body. Disrupts its normal functioning, weakens the immune system, provoking the development of various diseases.

In such conditions it is very important to apply the array of instruments that contribute to the preservation and strengthening of health of the body. A healthy person is a full-fledged member of society who has a high level of physical and mental health, good health, mental and spiritual comfort.

One of the activities that have a beneficial effect on the health of the body, is morning hygienic gymnastics. In addition to the specific effect of facilitating the transition from dormancy to a state of active wakefulness, exercise exercise increases the level of General physical activity. For the majority of the urban population morning exercise is often the only specialized medical exercise.

Like most effects on the body, exercise is only useful if it is correctly used, which takes into account the specifics of the functioning of the body after sleep, as well as the individual characteristics of a particular person.

In this work, a detailed method of determining the adaptive capacity of a person, determined the significance of morning physical exercises are the exercises.

Chapter 1 the Value of morning physical exercises

Morning exercise is one of the most common forms of application of physical education. Charging consists of a complex of physical exercises moderate load, covering the major skeletal muscles. Held usually after sleep, charging tones the body, improving core processes of vital functions (blood circulation, breathing, metabolism, etc.). Charging mobilizes attention engaged, increases discipline (hygiene inculcates the skill to do). Charging provides a gradual transition of the organism from the state of rest during sleep to his daily operational status.

People who regularly engaged in exercise, improved sleep, appetite, overall health, increases efficiency. Regular charging is a good way to promote health. Charging useful for all people, starting from childhood and ending with old age. Especially charging is required for people with insufficient physical regime in daily activity ( sedentary occupations).

Exercise charging is simple and accessible for people of various physical fitness and health, and so on – are selected for a particular plan with regard to age, sex, health status and the nature of employment. In addition to gymnastic exercises, exercises can be included moderate running ( Jogging ) or tedious cross.

Charging should be carried out in a well ventilated room, and if conditions allow in the fresh air. The exercises should be easy, does not restrict movement clothes. After charging recommended water treatment – wet rubbing, washing, bathing, in the summer – swimming. When charging performance needed to monitor the health and proper breathing during the exercise. The elderly and persons with any disabilities in the state of health before you start charging, you should consult a doctor and conduct training on its control. Load management when exercising important auxiliary tool is self – monitoring of physical condition (counting the pulse, periodic weighing).

Different people have different abilities to adapt to the external environment, labor, rest. From individual capabilities of adaptive systems of the organism that determines the level of health, and hence those forms of motor activity that can be recommended as a means of recovery. The dominant role is played here, of course, the cardio-vascular system. To assess the adaptive capacity of your cardiovascular system, you can use a simple classification. Below is the methodology of this assessment, as well as several options of morning gymnastics complexes, designed for people with different “adaptive capacity” the cardiovascular system.

In order to assess their adaptive capacity, need to know the following parameters: heart rate and blood pressure at rest, weight and body length, age. These data are substituted into the formula:

AP = 0.011(PE) + 0.14(GARDEN) + 0.008(DBP) + 0.009(MT) –

– 0.009(DT) + 0.14(IN) – 0.27,

where AP is the adaptive capacity of the circulatory system in the scores (0 to 4 );

PE – pulse rate ( BPM);

Systolic and diastolic blood pressure – systolic ( upper ) and diastolic (bottom ) blood pressure ( mm. Hg.PT. );

DT – body length (cm);

MT – body weight (kg);

To – age (in years).

The higher this value is, the weaker the adaptive capacity of the person.

To evaluate the obtained result, it is necessary to compare with that given in the data table.

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