Forcing yourself to exercise

Forcing yourself to exercise is not easy, most people who have decided to do regular physical exercise, patience is only enough for a couple of days or a week. Reluctance to exercise is not always the case just lazy and overly busy people who don’t have enough time. In most cases it is a sign of lack of motivation. Work, school, family, children certainly do not leave time for sports, but you can’t have many fans or to give a positive example to your child, if you ignore a healthy lifestyle. Your child drawn to the sport, start today to practice it. Clearly define the advantages of a new

lifestyle is a slim, trim figure, improving relations partner, to increase the possibility of making new acquaintances, relax on the beach, adjacent wearing fashionable clothes and an example for the education of willpower your child.

If your goal is just to lose weight and maintain a slimmer body, and not the build-up of muscle, then an optimal schedule of classes – every day for 30 minutes. Power systems recommended to do in a day, and for best anabolic effect according to some authors it is useful to take the drug “Leviton “. He causes the growth of muscle mass, strength and endurance, and has no side effects, which are characteristic of other hormonal drugs. Exercise is the most convenient early morning, while all family members are asleep, and no one interferes. But now, many instructors sports disapprove of the morning session, according to them, the body should be given the time he woke up. The optimal time for sports is the period: before lunch – 10-13 hours before dinner, 16-17 and 19-20 hours in the evening. If after exercising you strong tiredness, headaches and lethargy, then you need to move classes to another, more suitable time for you.

Twenty years ago many people were not able to do in fashion today, the gym, going to health clubs and gyms for weight loss and muscle gain. While the number of children and adults suffering from obesity, was much smaller. The reason for this is that the bulk of the population is engaged in sports at home, and today, many people think that to have a perfect shape with no gym under the guidance of an experienced instructor is impossible. Meanwhile, a qualified fitness trainers will never advise you to start going to the gym, if you didn’t support his physical form.

Fitness should begin only after you are able to effortlessly run Jogging 1 km, squat 50 times in a row or run 50 times exercise to maintain the “upper abs”. If after you perform one of these exercises your heart rate exceeds the resting heart rate for no more than 30%, then you have time to enroll in a fitness room. Otherwise, comparing yourself to other people in the gym who are in good physical shape, you will quickly become frustrated and lose confidence. According to experts, the lesson in “don’t want to not bring any benefit to the health, and therefore it is very important to choose the correct rhythm of sports and not overload your body with excessive load. The mistake many novice “athletes” and is that they from the first days of training hard and tire quickly, resulting in do not get pleasure from school and throw them, and not having to really begin.

If your goal is just to have a slim figure . such a problem is best to start to solve at home. For this you need to do only 3 steps:

1. Set yourself a motivation and a purpose . This is the simplest, but most often this step is ignored and therefore not achieve the desired result. Be sure to write everything on paper and hang it in a prominent place so that every day she reminded you of the necessity of sports. For example, your goal is to achieve the perfect shape for 1 year. Motivation is a positive example to your child and leave the sea, which you expect in the next year. To lose weight gradually, but regularly enough you burn during exercise 3 calories per pound of your weight. If you weight 100 lbs, you have to burn 33 calories in one session, but this week 230 calories. It is within everyone’s grasp and does not require a reinforced sports. The main thing is not to sit still all day, and move. 30 minutes of daily exercises, like walking or lifting the ladder enough to get rid of the extra pounds slowly but surely. If you want to build muscle and have a trim figure, gradually increase the load. In the first stage do not overload yourself, otherwise you will throw.

2. Every month, record the results of weight loss . this will be additional motivation in order not to delay school tomorrow, and execute them during the day.

3. Let us know about your goal to a sex partner or your child . Then you will be uncomfortable to quit sports because they expect positive results. The way back after this announcement you will not be.

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