How not to lose motivation to exercise

In sports anywhere without motivation – it helps embarked on a difficult path treadmill fan of HLS not to give up halfway, and not waiting for the first results. But even those who stoically continues to work on own body, after a month of classes, getting on his stomach, a lone cube, sometimes you want the magic of the stimulus – in other words, in the hierarchy of its values must be present long-term motivation to exercise. In the role it plays in the life of an athlete and how to support its successful existence, we have helped to understand Elena Kutuzova . coordinator of group programs fitness club Gold’s Gym and the master of sports on sports


The word “motivation” comes from the Latin movere, which means “movement, the urge”. In fact, motivation is the beginning and the pinnacle of the sport – that it (whether you want to prepare your body for the holiday, lose weight, conquer new lover, to radically change the way of life) leads people to trek to the gym, and looming before them winning the flag result.

The key is to achieve the cherished goal, not disillusioned by the way in my own body and in sports in General. “Motivation is significantly helps in difficult periods of training, when a person is ready to pick up and leave everything and for a coach in these moments it is very important not to allow of his exercising left. In training, I often remind people that every parish in the hall is a small step towards achieving their goal, and if they did, their body definitely will thank them, ” said Elena. – I’m often reminded that they are already big fellows that came to the hall, and once reached, it is necessary to plow, not to waste time, so all is not enough. I always tell my trainees that miracles do not happen and that if you want the result, then Pasha . Often bring on the training positive, rarely negative examples from personal experience and not only – people often want to see quick results, so my main advice is to remember that before getting any result from your body, you need this body to invest a lot of effort, both physical and moral “.

According to the expert, for the support of motivation in sports fan is responsible not only himself but also his coach – that he must help the person to form a correct correct purpose and in accordance with her motivate to workout. “Very important, in my opinion, is to remind man about his success in the way of training . in addition to the main global objectives. In addition, the person needs to set intermediate small goals – the achievement or failure will also be a great motivating factor,” says Elena.

Summarizing, we can deduce some rules that make even the most difficult moments in the difficult task of improving your body you will be able to overcome without any losses:

1. Set a mini-goal. They will help you with small steps to move towards achieving the main goal.

2. Record your successes, even the small.

3. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks – use negative experiences as a trampoline from which you can push off and jump higher.

4. Remember friends, loved ones and their own coach, they will help you not to lose faith in their own success.

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