Meditation running technique for losing weight

If you lose 5-7% of total body weight, the snoring stops with a probability of 50%

Meditation running technique for losing weight

The great Russian physiologist I. P. Pavlov said: “the Movement can replace almost all drugs, but no drug will replace the movement.”

ORDINARY running causes an even greater impact on our bodies than walking. Much increase blood flow (and with it energybar from the environment), breathing (simultaneously, there is an intensive removal of toxins, the

entire body of capital is washed clean by the blood), and inertia force reaches much higher values than when walking.

Repeatedly increases the health effect which was noticed long ago. From Ancient Greece reached us carved in stone the words: “If you want to be strong — run, want to be beautiful — run, want to be smart— run”

Naturally and easily vigilance is saved when you move. If you just sit silently, you, naturally, tends to bed, you are very difficult to remain vigilant, because the whole situation helps you to fall asleep. But in motion you can’t sleep, your actions prove to be more vigilant. The main thing is not to let the movement become an afterthought.

Learn how to fuse together your body, mind and soul. Locate areas where you will be able to act as one.

It happens to runners. Perhaps you had no idea that running can be a meditation, but runners often feel a tremendous experience of meditation. For them it was a complete surprise, nothing like they didn’t expect — who will think that the runner is able to feel God? But nevertheless it has happened. Now running is gradually becoming a new kind of meditation. It can happen while running.

If you ever went Jogging, if you enjoyed Jogging in the early morning when the air is fresh and clean, and the whole world leaves the realm of sleep and wakes up, you run, and your body is perfectly valid, fresh air, a new world is born from the darkness of the night, sings all around you feel so alive. and here comes the moment when the runner disappears and there is only running. The body, mind and soul begin to act at once; suddenly released an internal orgasm.

Runners sometimes worry fourth, the Turia, but don’t understand this: they think that just enjoyed the run, that was a beautiful day that their body is healthy, and the world is beautiful, and all it gave a certain mood. They do not pay attention, what exactly happened, but in this case, as far as I know from my own experience, the runners are closer to meditation than anyone else.

Jogging can bring huge benefits, swimming can bring huge benefits. Both must be transformed into meditation methods.

Throw away your old ideas, like to sit under a tree in a yogic posture and meditation. This is just one of the ways in which somebody comes out, and some don’t. For a child, for example, it is not meditation, but simply torture. For a young man, living and moving, it is not meditation, and suppression.

Run in the morning. Start with half a mile, then run a mile and finally increase the distance to three miles. Run whole body; don’t run as if you put on a Strait shirt. Run, run children, run the whole body — hands, feet. Breathe deeply, breathe through your stomach. After running sit under a tree, relax, sweat. Let your body fanned by the breeze; feel the peace. All this will help you very much.

Sometimes, removing the shoes, just stay on the ground and feel the coolness, the softness, the warmth. Feel all that ready to give you, and allow this to flow through itself. And his energy put into the ground. Establish communication with the ground.

If you get in touch with the earth, you get in touch with life. If you get in touch with the earth, you get in touch with your body. If you get in touch with the earth, you will find a special sensitivity, you become centered, and this is what you need.

Do not become a specialist in running; stay an Amateur — then you will remain vigilant. If you suddenly feel that running has become automatic, drop it; do some snorkeling. If and when it becomes automatic, try dancing. The main thing to remember that is just the situation that causes awareness. While the movement creates awareness, it is useful when you cease to create it, he’s no good; go to another type of motion, where you again have to be vigilant. Do not let any activity to become automatic.

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