Reviews, results and experiences of people about classes on the fitball

Advantages: good for mom and baby.

Disadvantages: take up too much space in the apartment.

“Fitball I bought another pregnancy because I read a lot of interesting and useful. Started using shortly before birth — because of the big belly I was comfortable to sit on it in front of the computer. Since I had surgery and stitches, to sit on the chairs is strictly not allowed as much as 3 months, but it’s hard! But on the fitball doctor to be allowed,

because it is soft. Had to feed the baby right on the ball. As to the loss, and then fitball became indispensable. Like many moms, belly sagged heavily, and on the sides of the formed folds of fat. I rocked the press on the ball, and within 2 months the stomach was almost like before the birth! Now begin to engage on the ball with the child, as demonstrated by a local pediatrician, loves and saves time and money (no need to invite the massage therapist, gymnastics is enough)”.

Advantages: low cost, high efficiency.

Disadvantages: not noted.

“To deal with the fitball I was “taught” in the fitness centre he helped to warm up before workouts, and also relaxing the muscles after intense practice. Later I bought a fitball and for the house: it was cheap and it never hurts as multifunctional. First of all, any exercises with the ball well cheer up, and also deliver a real pleasure. The body feels pleasantly tired muscles after a day of relax. I like that there is no load on the joints, back and the ball safe in such chronic diseases of internal organs, as I have. I usually fall on the ball and do crunches, do leg swings, and rolling his back against the wall. After months of time training with fitball skin and muscles considerably tightened, hips, waist-shaped. Since I have not played sports, this effect me very pleased, now do not see the need to pay for season tickets to the hall!”

Pros: was good help in the battle with excess weight.

Flaws: no.

“On the fitball read a lot of reviews, and almost none of them was negative. I was a little afraid that I will fall off the ball, but after a “trial run” with a friend realized he was fairly stable. Already after the first home occupations within 30 minutes I realized it — my! Felt that work all the muscles of the body, so to lose weight with fitball — not a problem, especially if you engage in intense, regular, not to be lazy. For more effective workouts suggest that you watch the video on the exercise ball, and even better — to go to counseling to fitness instuctor. A little difficult to get used to the maintenance of balance during exercise, but it passes quickly. My results: within 4 months I got rid of 7 pounds, the waist has been reduced by 4 see hip — on 3 see the Skin on the buttocks and legs smooth, cellulite virtually disappeared. I advise everyone fitball, inexpensive, useful, now!”

Advantages: you can feel like a child, very useful for weight loss.

Disadvantages: the ball was a bit small for my height.

“I’ve always been a physically active person: engaged in different kinds of fitness, practicing on simulators. Unfortunately, some sports had to be abandoned because of contraindications. Training with fitball bring great relief for the pain in his back and elbows, says the doctor, because improving blood circulation. Still loved the positive, feel after class, as if returned to the childhood! The figure turns out to keep in good shape only because of the fitball. Buttocks and legs have become very elastic, flat belly, and back — even. Gait also improved, which I was not given any sports! The only negative — you need to choose the size of ball growth, so soon I will change the fitball, good value for money (bought for 500 rubles)”.

Advantages: it strengthens the body.

Flaws: no.

“The result of my workouts on the exercise ball has become a fine-looking figure, especially — in its lower part. I had forgotten about laziness for 3 months, but, in my opinion, this is a small term for such outcomes. However, I managed to watch a bunch of favorite movies, so as to combine classes and watching TV — easy! Sometimes I just sit on the ball, tensing muscles, or get up high, with the power press the buttocks on the ball, lean over to the side, maintaining balance. For posture lie back on the ball and “ride” on it. Generally, the ball can work out any problem area, even the hands and press, as well as to lose weight evenly over the entire area of the body. I think this is due to the acceleration of metabolism and blood oxygen saturation. In 3 months I lost 5 lbs. without much effort!”.

Advantages: great for warm-up, exercise is not boring.

Disadvantages: they are not.

“To try to deal with the fitball I got recently, as his bought wife. The house we have is a treadmill, which I’ve been training for 2 years. Recently noticed that if you stand on the machine without a warm-up, then severely aching legs and back. Therefore, before training in 15 minutes “rolled” the body on the fitball. Among the advantages revealed that the muscles are easy to fatigue, but this does not prevent an intense workout on the treadmill. Another “bonus” — on a fitball you can download the press, and this is not only convenient, but also very interesting.

After these exercises drew attention to Uchenie back pain. Sometimes after Jogging sit on the ball or “rolled” back, the ball still helps to hold the hitch and relax tense muscles. Wife, by the way, lost weight with the fitball great, but is engaged in a complex set of exercises. Press she was probably a relief, the legs are very sturdy, the back is strong. The ball is well suited for the whole family, even the child is “pulled” to the sport!”

Pros: good massage, multifunctional trainer.

Weaknesses: I’d like to take on nature, but it is too big.

“I believe that with massage balls studs have many advantages over conventional. In addition to all of their functions, they are so well “prominet” body, and that going to a massage therapist does not make sense! On a smooth practiced with a friend, but the body is sweating unpleasant and starts to slide on the ball. And fitball with knobs these shortcomings do not possess. Only after 4 months of training on the ball I was able to return the body to its prenatal state, although previously tried to do it on aerobics, stepper, bike. Markedly improved flexibility, endurance. No longer a headache, feeling great! Dropped 8 lbs. in weight, all the volumes were just perfect. Especially like that they changed the shape of the buttocks, the husband says that even before they were not as sexy. Exercise for 30 minutes a day workout program found on the Internet. Another huge plus — you can do baby massage on the ball and also just to give children to play. Durable rubber, the ball will never be broken!”

Answers to readers ‘ questions

How much are the balls-the balls?

Standard fitball size 55-65 see is from 250 to 600 rubles (depending on material and manufacturer).

About 600-800 rubles will cost a quality ball with massage elements. Large balls are used for tall people, pregnant women, feeding infants (70-75 cm) cost more — from 1000 to 1500 rubles

There’s efficiency for weight loss during exercises with the fitball?

Excellent results in losing weight and firming the muscles of the body as workouts with fitball proven by the numerous reviews.

For a more pronounced effect it is recommended not to throw a class on “half-way”, not to be lazy and to exercise daily at least 30 minutes.

For positive dynamics in the state figures it is better to choose an individual set of classes, coaching specific problem areas, or to buy a ticket on exercise ball in a fitness room (at least a month).

If we simultaneously observe proper nutrition and Supplement a workout on a fitball Jogging, swimming, walking or any other kind of physical activity, weight loss happens much faster. In this case the training with the ball would be the best for pumping all muscle groups, prevent sagging skin in case of sudden drop of weight.

What exercises on the fitball the most useful and effective?

Among the most popular slimming exercises that are performed with the use of fitball:

AB workout. For this you need to lie on the ball, to firmly plant the feet into the floor to do crunches and sit-UPS are right, like usual abdominal exercises.

The buttock lift. For this exercise you need to lie on the floor, put his feet on the ball, hard arranging them. Lift buttocks and back up, stop and down.

Classes for the hips. Lie on your back, legs bent and put on an exercise ball. Next, the legs are separate, and after — pick them one by one. This exercise strengthens the back muscles.

To swap the inner thighs can stand up, one leg straighten and put on the ball. Then rotate the leg inward and reject outward, straining the muscles.

Exercise for the whole surface of the feet. You need to squat until the knees coming up to the 90-degree angle, slide back on the fitball.

Each exercise is performed at least 7 times. Is it best to exercise on an empty stomach until you feel fatigue in your working muscles.

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