The practical shooting Federation

The seminar using the technology of sports medicine HumanScanSystem™ identifies the individual characteristics of hand, which have a direct impact on the result of performances at competitions.

The structure of the seminar:

Why, what and for what purpose the necessary examinations for the arrow. The dependence of the sports results from the functional status* arrow.

Neurophysiology** – the basis of the difficult coordination interactions of various body systems.

The basic parts of the energy supply of muscular activity and the result.

Training with simulation of different types of load (practical shooting). Practical examples of the dependence of the result from the organization of the training process.

Organization of the training process to improve outcomes in arrow in various levels of training.

The information obtained and use save years in advancing towards the achievement of high results, help by including hidden reserves of the organism to avoid (or minimize) the effect of stabilization of the result.

Save money on a “blind” finding the right approach to achieve results, but also provide the ability to maintain health at high loads and stresses.

* Examination of functional status and energy supply :

chronotype (temporary maximum and minimum peaks of efficiency);

diet (food intake, optimisation, support during training and competitions, etc.);

health status and forecasts (hormone levels – testosterone, cortisol), hemoglobin, adaptive response, functional reserves, energy supply, emotional state, Central regulation, compensation levels, etc.);

ways to increase anabolism without pharmacology;

the energy of muscular activity (total metabolic capacity, anaerobic (glycolytic) energy supply source, the lactate level and lactational, changes in metabolic parameters, the supply speed-strength work, speed endurance, General endurance, etc.);

aerobic efficiency (the ability for efficient use of O2 by the tissues of the brain and the myocardium in conditions of intensive work or abruptly increased in it needs);

evaluation of power of brain rhythms EEG (parameters operational and long-term memory); •the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic and their impact);

sports intelligence (learning ability in producing new difficult coordination skills, level of fatigue with the information load of physical work, etc.).

the level of fatigue and speed recovery (definition endurance training loads and fullness recovery the recovery period, the means of correction, etc.) at high physical and psychological stress;

overall condition, performance, physical condition and potentialand athlete and the way in peak form;

functional factors providing stability and affecting the instability of the results and ways to stabilize and improve efficiency;

recommendations for the construction and the mode of the training process, the output peak form in the competition period and maintain it at a competition.

** Neurophysiology :

the definition of dominant, subdominant and recessive sensory inputs (leading channels of perception – sight, hearing, “muscular sense”) and characteristics of the organization training and exercises for competition;

evaluation of the response time to a stimulus (reaction rate) and the potential for their growth (methods development coordination);

immunity and stress resistance, multitasking (the ability to perform several different tasks simultaneously);

evaluation of the functional state of the Central nervous system (coordination features and capabilities);

the bandwidth of the brain in a relaxed and stress.

Each participant is issued a written report, which reflects all the individual characteristics and recommendations.

Background: At the end of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games the Chinese media congratulated the Republic of Belarus, which occupies the 1st place in the world for the number of Olympic medals per capita. This situation continues today. HumanScanSystem™ (HSS) since 2006 has been successfully used in the sport of high achievements (world and European Championships, Olympic games), consistently provides high performance in difficult coordination and technical sports.

Without the use of pharmaceutical agents, methods of psychological correction (programming good results, etc.) and side effects HumanScanSystem™ guarantees almost 100% result at the stages :

capacity assessment of the athlete (e.g., what features of the athlete impact positively and negatively on the achievement of high results);

the effective organization of the training process and the stability of growth results;

the withdrawal of an athlete in peak form (including the increase in hormonal levels without pharmacology) and maintain it throughout the event;

recovery during stress, high stress, lifestyle or competitions.

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The practical shooting Federation
The seminar using the technology of sports medicine HumanScanSystem™ identifies the individual characteristics of hand, which have a direct impact on the result of performances at competitions. The structure of…

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