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Whom to call them, these participants “events-self-mutilation”, overcoming the not in young age hundreds (!) 42-kilometer marathons? Crazy, narrow-minded opinion, not desirable, the roof, of course, did not go. Thrill-seekers? But it is another story. And if you remember Yuri Vlasov with his “to overcome”? After all, they themselves have to overcome! And that’s what

matters. What is the mileage, I realized even at practice, two days before the start. Thank God we arrived early. This is because came with his family: himself such a luxury would not be allowed. Would for two or three days: Noblesse oblige — Director.

Now, forty minutes of workout shoes filled with moisture. Water? Then? Humidity-80% at 30 degreesheat! Even doubted the correctness of the choice of distance is 50 km away. After all, there were 25 and 10 km, But not our retreat. The more I have in the past military. Especially in the presence of his wife and son… even Though his wife sighed with relief.

And here’s the start at 6: 30 p.m. local time. In Ekaterinburg yet five in the morning there. What only we not met: heat, humidity, mountains, rocks, tree roots, fallen trunks blocking the way, ravines and steep slopes, streams, sand, animal droppings and full Shorokhov and messing now wearing a belt made themselves felt.

All the time when ran through an unfamiliar forest wilds, rustled and stirred the grass, often slip through the path of snakes and lizards, spiders spider nets resembled traps for runners. Honestly, after the 1st circle of 25 km the urge to run any more was not, and only the love of family that are sick of me, and it made the run go for 2nd round…

Runners almost gone: neither ahead nor behind, fled almost alone. When I met walking humans or the point of supply (water station), happy as a child. After washing with ice to leave the station is not wanted. On the run fun was missing: the body heats up, produces sweat, but sweat under normal moisture evaporates, and when it is 80%, evaporation and cooling of the body no, save ice and cold water in the canteens. So leave the food Oh how difficult.

Its 50 miles I’d done it in less than 6 hours and came 9th overall and third in their group 30-39 years. Loss small: had to throw good insoles shoes “Salomon” together with the laces, Yes the nails on the toes, apparently, will go.


Vyacheslav Shelepen on the track Royal space marathon

On the eve of the 2014 colleague on runs Vyacheslav Shelepen, a private entrepreneur from St. Petersburg, on Martorana (there is such an Internet platform for the discussion of Amateur racing, training, competition) announced the intention to overcome 100 official marathons in a year! Russian marathon community was in a mild surprise: after all, still even recognized leaders in the race for the number of marathons Victor Gorbushina and Vyacheslav Zverev, having completed more than 500 marathons each, had not dared to do and half the norm is conceived as a newcomer.

Easy to say, but all over Russia so many marathons in one year is not carried out, not to mention the fact that many of them coincide. So our hero had to travel in pursuit of marathons, going outside of the country and neglected the business, or rather, delegating the authority to a grown son. More than 40 thousand kilometers traveled Vyacheslav driving: 70% of the runs made in Finland, where for these “collectors” in special conditions. So, in Loima it in one July week already defeated six official 42-kilometer distances! Vyacheslav repeatedly and become “dvoechnikom” and “troeshnik” when ran one marathon on Saturday, the other Sunday, and on a good weekend he managed to wave and two marathons per day.

He was running and in Denmark, Estonia and Belarus, but Russia, of course, did not forget. I have to run “Run for help” finished in seventh position, having spent the conquest of the marathon 3 hours 09 minutes 26 seconds and becoming the winner in the age group of 40-year-old a month before their 50th anniversary. More than twenty of 117 overcome marathon 2014 he came out an absolute winner. His average time is 3 hours 37 minutes 48 seconds, and once in the Rostov-on-don he came out of three hours. And only once Thank have missed in 4 hours, but it was his third marathon in a row in Finland, which had to be overcome through force.

It is amazing that in such contests the self-mutilation involves people who are over 60, and they also overcome hundreds 42-kilometer runs.

Shelepen has held a unique, surprising and risky experiment without skilled coaching and medical support, with no sponsors. To him if someone in Russia and ran for 40 year or 50 marathons, it was considered a magnificent achievement. Glory showed that marathons can ordinary people: a man has a large margin of safety!

Many people start running to reduce weight or improve your health, but, returning him to become infected with a health and expose themselves to extreme testing: running marathons at the poles, at the equator, on the tops, in deserts, overcome ultra-marathons stretching for thousands of miles, run hundreds of marathons a year. 104-year-old marathon runner from England Buster Martin said: “there is No age when you want something new to try!”

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